WCF - Software Requirements

WCF - Software Requirements

  • WCF enables to create easy endpoints and thus provides a better communication gateway. 
  • Below are the requirement tools which is being used to create and test the WCF Services.

Microsoft Visual Studio :

Microsoft Visual Studio is used to create WCF applications. Amongst various versions of Visual Studio VS 2008 Express edition is considered suitable and below the link is given to install the application.

Visual Studio 2008 SDK 1.1
  • The version number 3.0 applies to all runtime and reference assemblies for Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), and Windows CardSpace.

Visual Studio 2010 (C#) :

The version VS2010 and above have the below in-built features and provides the best software for WCF code development.

  • Windows SDK’s
  • IIS(Internet Information Features)Windows features:
    • IIS Metabase and IIS 6 configuration utility
    • IIS management console
    • ASP.NET

CodePlex Tools :


  • This is a Visual Studio add-in tool.
  • It is based on "contract first" development methodology. 
  • Here the service's operations are defined first, from which the code frame is generated.


  • This is again a Visual Studio add-in tool. 
  • It extends the client-side generation for offering additional error handling techniques. 
  • These techniques are managed by communication channel.


  • This is a tool is used to perform unit testing of WCF service’s interactions with a Test Driven Development (TDD) methodology.


  • WcfStorm is a testing tool.
  • It is used to  perform a multilevel stress test on WCF service.