Parallel space app - How to use two or multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single Android device

Akshay Sharon | 667 Views | android | 08 Aug 2016


What is Parallel Space in Android :

  • Parallel Space is sort of an emulator app which emulates storage space on your Android phone so that you can install two or more version variants  of any app which do not interfere with each other. Thus enabling you to use two variants and accounts of any app be it WhatsApp, Hike , or even Google Play Store on same device. Thus , you can even use two messenger , Wechat accounts in a single device easily!

Introduction :

  •  Application these days has been of great use and that too when you compare it on the Android Platform, It is widely enjoyed by every users.
  • This is an article where you could get a real idea on using Dual Account in your Android Mobile.
  • Most of the people are longing for using Dual Accounts on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram at a time simultaneously.Here, with the help of an Application named Parallel Space, We may access it.    


  • It is relatively said that the Android phone should be rooted up so that the application can be accessed with Dual Accounts.
  • The Thing here is that with the help of Parallel Space DUAL ACCESS can be done, and there is not even a need to root the mobile phone unnecessarily. 

Step to install :

  • Get into Play Store. 
  • Search for PARALLEL SPACE  Install It

  • Once after installing, go into the application.
  • There would be a \'+\' Button at the Center Bottom of the App.
  • Click over there and you might see a list of applications that are widely supported by the Parallel Space.
  • Add them into your Parallel Space account and then enjoy DUAL Ceremony in all the apps that you wish. 

Parallel Space Require Rooting :

  • No, You do not need to root your phone. It’s a simple 2MB app that you can install from play store. Even it does not require any permission. Only the app install it may ask for permission. It’s a safe process and you can create multiple accounts of any app in just 2 minutes.

Features Of Parallel Space :

  • Run Multiple Account Of any Android App
  • Small Size : 2MB Only.
  • Separate Task Manager to Manage apps running in Parallel Space.
  • Storage Manager to Manage App Data.
  • Switch with Swipe option.

How to Run 2 Variants of same app using Parallel Space on Android :

Pre-Requisites :

  • An Android Phone.
  • A working internet connection.

    Dual Install Parallel Space Multi Accounts App without rooting 

    • To install and run parallel whatsapp accounts, ogwhatsapp apk and whatsmapp apk are other alternative android apks.Yet, using ogwhatsapp and whatsmapp apks for dual whatsapp is a tedious process and not official too. Using two whatsapp/instagram/facebook accounts on single android phone is a cakewalk with this Parallel Space android app.Moreover, there is no need to do android rooting to run dual whatsapp accounts or parallel whatsapp accounts. I will guide you on how to setup second whatsapp account using Parallel Space Android app. Parallel  Space iPhone version is not yet released.


    • Download Android app,  Parallel Space to your sleek smartphone.

    Step2 :

    • Install the Parallel Space app  by clicking Install option to start with.

    Step3 :

    • After the Multi Account app is installed, open the app with a gentle tap on Parallel Space icon. Now proceed further to install dual whatsapp in one phone. This parallel whatsapp app iphone version is not available,

    Step4 :

    • Then, you can see the below screen to set up dual whatsapp or any other android app without rooting. Tap on the + symbol to add dual whatsapp.

    Step5 :

    • You will be prompted to add an android apk, select Whatsapp  in the list to run two whatsapp accounts on single android phone. You can choose any other app to have its second account. This means you are running parallel whatsapp accounts in single android phone/ iOS based iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

     Step6 :

    • Tap on the Whatsapp icon in the screen to install your second whatsapp account using Parallel Space Android App. iPhone Users need to wait till the official release of the app for iPhone to use Parallel Whatsapp on iPhone.

    Step7 :  

    • Tap on Agree and continue. Provide your country and phone number to use whatsapp two numbers on Android. A whatsapp verification code will be sent to your second whatsapp number. Enter the code to run dual whatsapp.

    Step8 :

    • Done! Your second whatsapp account is ready to use. Whenever, you wish to run second whatsapp account, open Parallel Space android app and tap on the whatsapp icon.