Windows - Troubleshoot Windows Freeze Slowness

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Windows - Troubleshoot Windows Freeze Slowness

  • When accessing the Windows OS, the machine may be "really slow" or like "freezing".


1.Check whether machine has atleast 10% free disk space.

2.Check for the RAM capacity and upgrade, if required.


1.Check for corrupted system files. If there is any corrupted file, go to run -> type the command sfc /scannow to replace any corrupted system files. 

2.This process will require Windows CD. 

3.In case of serious damage,perform a Windows repair.


  • For corrupted files, Go to Run -> type the command chkdsk /r.


  • In case of Malware issues, Download antivirus and malware removal software to scan and clean them.


1.In case of Defragmented hard disk, go to Start ->All Programs ->Accessories ->System tools->disk cleanup ->enable the recycle bin -> click “ok”to delete the files.

2.Another way is by

  • imply going to the recycle bin and empty the files there.

 Solution: 6

1.Open Task-manager and give a quick scan of all processes.

2.If unrecognized process appears, google and find information about it and decide on its deletion.

Solution: 7

1.Go to run and type msconfig and check the start-up tab.

2.If any process is not required, uncheck them and restart the machine.

Note: Disabling a dependency startup item may create chaos with other running processes.

Solution: 8

  • Go to Control Panel->“programs and features”and uninstall the unwanted software.

Solution: 9

  • Go to Run ->services.mscand select less important process for disable or manual startup, finally restart the machine.


1.Run a full antivirus and spyware scan on the system.

2.Remove corrupted files and restart.

Applies to :

  • Windows 1
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista

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