Top 13 Cloud Providers In China

Top 13 free best Cloud Providers In China in year 2016 and 2017

  • China is ranked 23rd among the top markets for global cloud services.
  • Cloud computing and services becoming more widespread and complex, whereas its cost management and scalability have become increasingly vital.
  • Due to the increased presence of so many different vendors, the market for global cloud billing services has seen a swell of intense competition.
  • International companies are often challenged by local regulatory conditions and the Great Firewall when they try to expand their online businesses in China.
  • The services that foreign businesses are used to are often not available or do not work well in China.
  • All the online service providers working in the Chinese digital space seem to agree that it is better to serve Chinese customers from China.
  • Finding the right cloud provider is a difficult task.
  • The Chinese cloud market is complex where numerous companies are competing and most of them are not known outside China.
  • Here we list and briefly introduce 13 Chinese cloud computing services to serve as a starting point when you start comparing local cloud providers.
  • The order of the companies does not indicate our preference nor the quality of service.

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