[fix]-error code -8060

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When copying a file from one source to destination folder, 95% succeeds and then suddenly the error shoots up.


The error informs about the missing original source file for an Alias file.


error code -8060

Fix 1:

1. Go to the source folder.

2. Enable "Show View Options" in the Finder's View Menu.

3. Click the 'List View' icon, -> ‘Kind' column.

4. Aliases files in the folder should now be sorted and available at the top/or bottom of the file list.

5. Right click on alias files, one by, and select "Show Original" item.

6. When the corrupted alias file comes in, follow the Mac instruction to handle the file.

7. Restart the machine and copy the required files from source to destination.

Fix 2:

The error happens even with directory aliases. Follow the steps below to fix it:

1. Make an alias of the missing directory. 

2. If the directory is deleted, create it along with an alias for it.

3. Now drag the alias through the Favorites sidebar to fix the issue. Finally restart the machine.

Fix 3:

1. Place a file into the folder that has issue.

2. A dialog box appears informing that there exists a problem with the alias. 

3. The options on the dialog box will be as: 

a. Erase folder (which does not work)

b. Fix alias and 

c. Cancel 

4. Opt Fix alias. It again raises a new window with an option to select a folder or file with incorrect alias.

5. Choose the problematic file here and delete it.

6. Finally close the dialog by choosing Cancel option.

7. Restart the machine for the action to have effects.

Fix 4: 

Use the Command->Option->Drag to move the file to Desktop and create an alias there.

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