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Gmail account is hacked & recovery email address changed

Wikitechy | 3478 Views | ethical hacking | 13 Jun 2016



When I try to login the Gmail account there was problem occurred  for login.


Open Gmail -> Click on "Can't access your account?" -> Select "I don't know my password" -> Enter your E-Mail ID and click on "Continue" button -> Enter the Captcha as shown in the image and click on "Continue" button -> When "Reset your password using the verification method below:" 

  • Appears, click on hyperlink "Verify your identity" from the line "Can't access any of these recovery options? 
  • Verify your identity by answering multiple questions about your account."-> Follow the onscreen instructions by providing correct information about your account. 


How to recover the password in Gmail?

Go to Gmail account login page ->click on “Needs help"-> Having trouble signing in? choose the option ->I don't know my password ->Enter your current mail Id and click on "Continue" button-> Then “Enter the last password you remember” and click on "Continue" button ->Then click the button “Reset Password” -> Enter a “New Password” and “Re-enter a New Password”-> click on "Change Password" button -> Then click on "Review my recovery info" button ->Check Your Details.

Applies to:

  • Gmail
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Yahoo
  • Outlook.com 
  • Hotmail

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