What is the difference between MCCB & ACB & VCB ?

Answer : MCCB– Moulden Case Circuit Breaker…

What is the Difference Between MCCB & ACB & VCB ?

MCCB is stands for Moulded
Case Circuit Breaker.
ACB is stands for Air Circuit Breaker. VCB is stands for Vacuum Circuit Breaker.
The moulded case circuit breaker
which use ark quenching device as
AIR which is used upto 500 Amps only.
The Air Circuit Breaker which use
quenching device as air and
used upto 3000 Amps at
415 volts.
The Vaccum Circuit Breaker which use ark quenching device as a vaccum and used for 415 volts.6.6 KV,11 KV,33 KV,132 KV,220 KV also.
Thermomagnetic operaton-For large
surges in ct- In distribution
boards-bimetallic strip
responding to less extreme but
longer_term over_current
conditions-applicable for low voltages.
Low volt power cb-trip
characteristics r adjustable-air
s the arc quenching medium
applicable upto 440V.
Medium volt power cb-trip char. Adjustable-mechanical sys. used for trip & open-Vaccuum s the arc quenching medium-applicable upto 36kV.
MCCB s the used low rating Lt pannel. ACB s the used high rating Lt pannel. VCB s the used high rating Ht pannel.
MCCB is used for load purpose and
is should used up to 1200-1500A only.
ACB is used for low tension (LT)
panel it should carry up to
4000A and more.
VCB is used for high tension (HT) panel it means carry 11KV and low amps rating it can withstand at long time at high Voltage also.
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