Tell me about the best bug you ever found ?

Tell me about the best bug you ever found ?

Sample Answer 1

  • I have found the most biggest defects in our projects. For example, in the last project, on a page, there was a button called “More Information”. Once the user clicked that button, the system would open a new window (pop up). We could close the new window in 2 ways,
    • By clicking X at the top right corner of the page
    • By clicking “Close” button on the page
  • By pressing combination keys (Alt+F4) on the key board.
  • Although the combination key (Alt+F4) was not mentioned in the test case, I just wanted to try how the application reacts when Alt+F4 is pressed.
  • Then I pressed Alt+F4. The result was a disaster-the application crashed (broke). The application disappeared from the computer monitor.
  • The last day of testing for us, it brought confusion in our Managers, Leads and the whole teams. Finally, the developers disabled Alt+F4 as a temporary solution and the application went into production.

Sample Answer 2

  • Generally biggest bug means it depends on the application, domain, product or project etc,.. I can say one bug. If you have working on web application.
    • Type the same URL in 2 browsers So u have 2 similar web pages,
    • Enter the same data in 2 pages, Click on Submit, It should not allow you to submit the same data in to database.
  • A bug where you come across some code, and after studying it you conclude, "There's no way this could have ever worked!" and suddenly it stops working though it always did work before.

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