Apology Letter

Apology Letter for Bad Service Sample

                                                  Apology Letter for Bad Service Sample

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Dear Ms. Janaki,
I understand that on May 6 2017 when you where a guest at our restaurant in the City Center an unfortunate accident that resulted in a drink being spilled on your coat. Please accept my sincere apology.
As we know accidents happen but how the organisation responds that either correct the situation or makes it bad. Unfortunately the staff on duty at the time did not reflect our customer. I have investigated the incident to those involved and have improved customer relations training. Please send the dry cleaning bill for your coat directly to the given address on the letterhead.
We like to have you back as a customer so I am enclosing a coupon for two free entrees for you and a guest that can be used any of our three locations in New Wonderland. Again my apologies for the incident. I hope you give us the opportunity to make this right.

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