Certification Letter

Certification Letter

Certification Letter-Like the letter of a certificate, letter of certification is written in order to verify information, in the context of applying for something. Here are the few examples of the certification letter

What is a Certification Letter?

Like the letter of a certificate, letter of certification is written in order to verify information, in the context of applying for something. Here are the few examples of the certification letter:

  • Letter of certification of employment
  • Letter of certification of ownership
  • Letter of certification for visa
  • Letter of certification of knowing a person
  • Letter of certification of residency

If you are planning to write a certification letter, then here are the few steps that you may have to follow:

  • Certification is useful, only when it is accurate. So it is suggested to include right information, date and title.
  • You can include any kind of supporting document in such a letter to make it look relevant.
  • You should always write this type of letter in a formal tone.

How to Make a Certification Letter?

Whatever may be your purpose of writing a certification letter, it is advisable to make use of standard business letter format and to include specific details in the letter. Make use of clear language and add up to date information, because such letter is usually used as an official statement.

In order to make a certification letter you should consider the below-mentioned points:

  • Use professional letterhead to type such a letter.
  • If you don’t have a professional letterhead then create a header and add your name, address, telephone number and email address.
  • Make use of double space and then write the current date. Don’t try to write a date in an abbreviation form.
  • Make use of double space again, in order to write the name of the recipient and the job title. You should also add the name of a company and address.
  • The opening of the letter should always have a formal salutation. For instance, “Dear Mr. X”.
  • In order to provide details related to the reference of the letter, you should add a proper subject line and a short heading. For instance, “Subject: Letter of certification of employment for Steve Thomas”.
  • What are you certifying? Include answer to this question in your introductory paragraph. Here you can add the name of an individual, company, date etc. depending on the context of your certification letter.
  • Why are you writing to certify the request? Include answer to this question in the next paragraph of your letter.
  • Before ending the letter with a formal closing, you should be thankful to the recipient for giving his time. Make use of double space before closing the letter with “Sincerely”. Type your name and take the print out of a letter. Don’t forget to sign such a letter.

How to Write a Certification Letter?

Now you must be knowing that certification letter is written to verify anything officially. When any kind of third party verification is required, such letters can prove to be of great use. Below-mentioned are the few basic points that can help you to write a certification letter:

  • Definitely, this letter is related to confirmation letter and so it should always be written in a business letter format.
  • Address this kind of letter, directly to the concerned party by the using polite tone. Say no to complex words and sentences, while writing such a letter. In such letters, it is always advisable to avoid legal jargon.
  • It is known fact that such letters are useful for maintaining official records and so it is important to write it by using a simple language.
  • All the relevant information should be precisely covered in this type of a letter.
  • If you are writing a certification letter for an employee, then it is advisable to provide specific details related to the dates of employment.
  • In such a letter, you can also add details about job duties and responsibilities.
  • Maintaining positive attribute is essential while writing this type of a letter.
  • You should always add contact details in such a letter so that recipient can find it easy to get in touch with you if required.
  • Add signature of an authorized person in such a letter.

Draft a Good Certification Letter

The certification letter is mainly required to verify the deeds of a particular person. It can be related to anything like competition, projects, task completion, etc. If you want to draft a good certification letter, then here are the few tips that you should follow:

  • While addressing recipient in this type of a letter, it becomes important for you to add a right prefix. Even in the introductory paragraph of this letter, you can write the names that are involved in any particular task related to the certification.
  • Are you authorized to send a certification letter? If yes, then explain your authority in one of the paragraphs of a letter.
  • Such a letter should always be written in a good quality of a paper.
  • Adopt one font and one format, rather than switching on to different fonts in opening and closing of the letter.
  • It is suggested to not make use of bold colours in such a letter.
  • The language of a letter should be simple yet attractive. You can add some margins, to make the letter look good. Before handing over such a letter to the addressee, it is advisable to read and re-read the letter.
  • Keep no room for mistake sin this type of the letters.

Certification Letter for an Employee

Certification letter for an employee – This type of a letter is always given to an outgoing employee. It acts as a proof that an employee used to work for your company. Depending on the rules, a recipient has completed a certain amount of time in the company, then he or she is entitled to receive such a letter on the time of departure. It offers a review of an employee.

Higher authorities of the company can prepare such a letter.

Formal letter writing style is used for such a certification letter. It includes name, designation and details regarding employment period. If an employee has offered good quality of work, then some compliments can also be added in this type of a letter.

For an employee, this letter plays a very important role, because it allows him or her to start the new career path successfully. It is advisable to not put any negative sentences in such a letter. The length of such a letter is usually short.

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