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CPA Reference Letter Sample

                                                    CPA Reference Letter Sample


Dear Ms. Shelly,

I am more than happy to send you this letter of reference for Thomas to be your company’s next CPA. I have been a customer of Thomas’s for many years at his latest company and I am very close with the situations that are leading up to the closing of that firm. I can encourage you with the maximum sincerity that the closing of that company had nothing to do with Thomas’s performance.

Thomas is a well CPA who never leaves any headstone unturned. We have been able to accept very correct corporate and tax filings thanks to Thomas’s hard work and we have also never had a filed analyse either. Thomas has been there to represent our company and the results were always good.

When Thomas does work for you, he signs his name to that work and takes ownership of it. We have never had Thomas’s analyse work show any fault, which is something that not many CPAs can say for their work. Thomas has also been known to work long hours and weekends to finish tax projects on time.

Your company would be increased seriously with Thomas as your CPA, which is why I initial him with no problem. Please call me at 575-776-6767. If you have any questions.

Truthfully Yours,


Head of State

Outline Corporation.