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Financial Reference Letter Sample

                                            Financial Reference Letter Sample


Dear Ms. Jerian,

I am sending you this letter of guidance on behalf of Martin Corporation and its owner Thomas Martin. This Financial reference letter will outline why I feel Mr. Martin rate funding to help get two smaller companies that will help to make his company a head in its industry.

Mr. Martin first came to me almost eight years ago because he was in want of a new materials seller. After initially setting up Mr. Martin on DOD terms for 90 days, he requested TOD30 terms. I accepted a small credit line, which Mr. Martin managed with great clarity. Over the last eight years, I have expanded Mr. Marin’s credit until he is now my largest customer.

While most customers trend to make a late payment here or there, Mr. Martin has never paid my company late. His ability to manage his company’s financial wants is excellent and I have observed his company grow by 130 percent in the last eight years. These two additions would help propel Mr. Past’s company into the top company in his market place and it is a credit he rates.

I strong guidance your acceptance of the financial funding for Mr. Martin so that his business can continue to grow. If you want extra information, please free to call me at 831-238-6868.

Honestly Yours,



Private Stock Incorporated.


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