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Formal Condolence Letter

Formal Condolence Letter- Death of someone close is very wearisome. A formal condolence letter is usually written by an organisation to the family of the deceased.

Death of someone close is very wearisome. A formal condolence letter is usually written by an organisation to the family of the deceased. Such letters are strictly written in a formal manner on behalf of a company or an organisation. Condolence letter is one of the most effective ways to communicate your sympathies to the concerned individual.

Here are few tip and examples on how to write a formal condolence letter, these tips will help you to understand the technique behind writing these letters.

Here are some condolences template, format & writing tips to help you write a condolence letter on death of an employee or relative of a friend.

Formal Condolence Letter Writing Tips:

  • Style of writing: Make sure that your letter does not sound informal. Let the tone of your letter remain formal as you are writing that letter on behalf of your company. You can type down a formal condolence letter, you don’t need to hand write it.
  • Letter Head: Always use your company’s letter head while writing a formal condolence  letter.
  • Praise the deceased: Mention about the achievements the deceased has recieved in your organisation. Also let the family know how the deceased has been an asset for your company. Good words spoken about the deceased often brings happiness to the bereaved family.
  • Also mention in your letter that the deceased person’s absence will be felt in your organisation.
  • Give your final respects to the deceased.

Formal Condolence Letter Template

Use our free Formal Condolence Letter to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.

Dear __________, (Name of the recipient)

We are very saddened to hear about the loss of _________ (name of the deceased). ______ (His/her) death has come as a very big jolt to all of us.  On behalf of all of us at ___________ (company’s name), I extend our genuine sympathies to you and your family during this period of distress. _______ (he/she) was a great asset to our company and ______  (his/her) presence will always be missed among us.

Please contact us if you need our assistance any time. Once again I would like to extend our heartfelt condolence to your family.

May _______ (name of the deceased) rest in peace,
___________ (Your signature)
____________ (Your name)
____________ (Designation)

Formal Condolence Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format


Address of the recipient


Dear Mr. George,

I wanted you to know how much we regret the loss of your son, Jonathan D’souza in our unit. He was one of the best and bravest soldier in our unit. His personality was very strong and encouraging for other soldiers, he use to always motivate the unit to give their best for the country.

The entire army team joins with me in sending our deepest sympathies to your family. Please know that we have shared your sorrow and pay our final respects to one of our best conrades. Jonathan’s presence will always be missed by all of us.



Bharat Mishra


Email Format


Formal condolence letter is written in formal language and is generally used to intimate any person about the death of his love one. This type of condolence letter is generally used to send by a company or offices like military to the family of the dead employee. In this letter the company can also mention about any rewards given to the dead person. In this way company tries to give some relief to the family of dead person.

Dear Mr. David

With very heavy heart I want to give you the sad news of death of your son. He has lost his life while fighting against the terrorists. He was a brave soldier and has great sentiments for the country. He have fought against terrorists so many times and saved the nation from them. We can never forget his contribution in saving the country.

Please accept my deep condolences on the behalf of President on his unfortunate death. For his bravery, we wish to give him a medal that will be given by President himself. Please come on 26th January to accept the medal. I will discuss more about it later.

With Thanks and Regards,


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