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Maternity Leave Letter to Parents Sample

                                Maternity Leave Letter to Parents Sample


43 Kumaran Street, Ayanavaram, Chennai, 10


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Dear Ms. Akila,

I am not surprising when I say my husband and I expecting our first child. I think growing stomach that declaration some time ago.

This letter to all the parents know I will begin my maternity leave starting this August 22. Saving Un expected situations. I will return to my duties in May. The chief has assigned Mr.Ram to handle my classes and administrative responsibilities. Mr.Ram is actually my previous teaching assistant and  acted as substitute for my classes. I trust that he will induce confidence in only students, but in all of you that your children are good.

I will continue to answer from parents and students. I will also be in close contact with Mr.Ram and the principal. Of course have all my contact information. If the situation calls for it, I will get in connect with parents quickly I can to discuss their children needs.

Let me finish by saying I will miss each one of my students. I have been away from teaching in four years and know there will be concern attacks.

Best regards,



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