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Medical Leave Letter from Doctor Sample

      Medical Leave Letter from Doctor Sample

                                                  Alfonzo, M.D.


34 Golden Street, villaivakkam, Chennai, 91

Cell: (654) 965-8976

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Dear Ms. Ramya,

I am writing a letter to Prabhu, is my patient and also my employee. I am requesting you to allow Mr. Prabhu for a medical leave of absence from his work at Oceanside Corporation due to a confirmed case of larynx with swelling of the throat severe irritation. I suggest at least 5 days to allow Mr. Prabhu to completely recover from this condition.

Mr. Prabhu works in a position where he is repeated contact with other employees, I feel it is necessary to conform complete recovery before he returns to work. I will be seeing my patient to visit on July 15, 2017. I will fully judge his condition and send a copy of my assessment in your HR records.

Excepting any complications, Mr. Prabhu to make a full recovery within short period of time. Please feel to contact me or my office staff if you need any clarification concerning this medical leave letter. Thank you kindly attention to this matter.


Alfonzo, M.D.


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