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Medical Leave Letter Sample

Medical Leave Letter Sample

June Modarity
Administrative Assistant, Oppenheim Incorporated


45 Pillaiyar kovil Street, Aarakonum, Viruthu Nagar 78.

Administrative Manager, Oppenheim Incorporated
45  Pillaiyar kovil Street,
Aarakonum,  Viruthu Nagar 78.

Dear Ms. Geetha,

Please let this letter help as an appeal for three weeks of medical leave to have small surgery done on my lower back. I will have my policy on August 14, 2013 and plan on repay to the office on September 5, 2015. The successful fulfilment of this plan will reduce pain that has shy my movements for some years. Surround you will discover all of the required doctor and human resources paperwork required for this type of a leave.

I am already in the procedure of finishing all of my projects that will due previous to my leave and I am working closely with co-partner to make sure that my duties are protect during my leave without any trouble to you.

This process will let me to concentration better on my work and become much more productive over the course of a day. If you need extra information regarding this leave request, please call free to call me at (876)786-2345. Your understanding in this matter is respected and I assure you that office making will not hurt while I am out.

Honestly Yours,

June E. Modarity

Administrative Assistant

Oppenheim Incorporated.


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