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130 Konnur Street, Perambathur, Kovai 98

Cell: (677) 848-3474


Dear Mr. Mathew,

I am writing to formally place an order for 200 pieces of your sky blue denim material sections (6 .5ft. x 22 ft. each) for a big product  project for a preference customer. The categorize number (from your November categorize) is 825-3337-06-NB. Please comprise your latest categorize with the order.

The beginning order will be for 200 pieces of material. The unit cost for each section of material is listed at $22 per yard. This lead the beginning order total to $12,987 and the last total, plus shipping, to $13,676. A check in this amount is surrounded. I would like a verification of acceptance. Please craft  the material to our collecting center at:
Seaside Manufacturing
167 Konnur Street
Perambathur, Kovai 98.

Finally, I would like the order shipped USP since I want this material ASAP. Tracking information can be sent directly to my phone at (677) 848-3474. If there are any extra fees, please let me know and I will work out the payment details with you. Thank you for your time and cause observation.


Fredrik Clemente.

Purchasing Manager, Seaside Manufacturing


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