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Permission Letter Sample

                                                  Permission Letter Sample


18 Golden Street, Anna Nagar, Chennai, 34

Cell: (984) 437-7654

[email protected]


Dear Ms. Nisha,

I realize your school has a policy allowing only authorized adults to pick up children at end of the day. I will be away on project from September 22 through October 4 and will be unable to pick my daughter, Jessica, from Parkland primary School. I would like to grant permission for my sister, Darlene to pick up my daughter from school for next few weeks.

As I am a single parent with a job that can infrequently takes me out of town for long periods of time. I try my best to short these trips, during the school year. I was unable to plan this trip at more suitable time due to need of my employer.

Jessica will also staying with my sister. I would like to give you permission to contact her with any school-related issues regarding my daughter.

Please feel to contact me you have any questions concerning this temporary arrangement. You can reach me via cellphone at (984) 437-7654.

Best Regards,



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