Transfer Letter

Proof of Internship Letter Sample

      Proof of Internship Letter Sample


Gale Lesley, Principal

District 60 High School

100 Broadway Lane, New Parkland, CA 988888

Cell: (544)989-1834 [email protected]


Dear Dr. Yaman,

I should be serve a this letter as proof that leila McDonald will be starting her teaching internship.After a successful of interview, an internship offer was extended  has been a signed.

Ms. McDonald will be teach mathematics courses of under the supervision of our maths department lead teacher. She will be a responsible for developing lesson plans and tests.

you know,it is a often difficult for high schools to find top-notch mathematics instructors as a attracted of away by the higher-paying jobs. The maths department head, Mr. John and myself were highly pleased to meet Ms. McDonald.

Ms. McDonald’s Internship hours this a fall of will be from 8 am to 12 pm each school day.She should be granted credit toward her teaching a internship requirements depending on her performance. I anticipate Ms. McDonald will be do well with her mathematics internship. if her interview indicates anything.


Gale Lesley


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