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Sample Cover Letter For A Hostess Position

                       Sample Cover Letter For A Hostess Position



 100 Broadway Lane, New Parkland, CA 91010

Cell: (555)987-1234

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Dear Mr. Naresh,

I can love to be the new hostess at Applebee’s Restaurant. I am fun and outgoing and have great social skills. I am energetic and would be great at interacting with guests while scheduling reservations and seating them.

I will be graduate from high school in May 2018 and I am accessible to work In part-time as an Applebee’s Hostess twenty hours per week. My goal after high school is to continue on in the restaurant industry and I know the first step is working as a hostess. I take direction well from adults and others and know I would do a great job.

I love Applebee’s and I have several friends that work In there so I know I would fit in as a hostess. I believe having great customer service skills and a good ability to work with a team is important. I am dependable, organized and I get decent grades in school.

Because I have maintained good grades, my parents are allowing me to work twenty hours a week while I’m in school this year. The part-time hostess job at Applebee’s would be perfect for me and I believe I would be great at it. Please call me soon so I can meet you.




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