Solicitation letter

Solicitation Letter Sample

                                             Solicitation Letter Sample

                                              Oliver and Browne


43 Abhirami Street, Chrompet, Chennai, [email protected]


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Browne,

Every March St.Thomas Junior High School has its annual fundraiser. The students put on a show for agreed upon foundation. This year receiver will be The Cancer Institute of Parkland. This organization is only looking for effective treatment of various cancers, specializes caring for children suffering from cancer.

Last year event thanks to participants like you resounding success. The kids presented a check to Foundation for $11,850. I do not need to tell you how happy our students were. To see their hard work result in such positive manner continues to be inspirational contributions to society.

This year St. Thomas will be putting on production of  musical ‘Grease.Tickets for the show will be $15 and the dinner $15. To attend both the show and dinner will be $40.While supervised by teachers everything from directing the show to cooking the meals done by students.

I know we can compute on your support. Please fill the enclosed form and send it back with a check or money order.

Best regards,



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