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Transfer Letter Sample

                                                                          Transfer Letter Sample


17 Ganga Street, Maduravoyal, Kanyakumari 67.

Dear George,

As you requested, I am writing this official request for shift or transfer.

To start, let me repeat that I have worked at this branch of North-eastern 1st National People’s Bank for four years and it has been a great experience. You were assured enough to hire me right out of college and I cannot reveal how helpful what I have learned has been and what the connection I developed have meant to me. I have worked hard to show the level of professionalism and customer service that North-eastern customers expect.

Sadly, my wife and I want to relocate for personal reasons. And while I can surely look for a new job, I need to continue my profession in banking with North-eastern. That is why I write this official transfer letter, requesting a shift to one of the branches in Ooty. While Human Resources has informed me I want to go on the company website and apply for open location, I am aware that this process can be avoid if a department head makes a guidance.

When you analyse my history here, you will see I have been a perfect employee that struggles to top belief for every customer and project. My relationship here is very important to me and I respect you considering mediate in my request.

Best regards,

Robbin Sheriff.


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