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ASP.Net Core Developer Resume


Email-id: [email protected]
Ph.No: 123454465

Professional Summary
  • Developed both front-end and back-end client side website.
  • Participated in system specification meetings, designing data base structure and analyzed user requirements.
  • Created Database throw code first in MVC.
  • Having knowledge on working with User interface using HTML5 ,CSS, JavaScript, JQuery.
  • Similarly, creating Userface and Corporative application for business purpose.
  • Documented all the codes and specifications for future reference
Work Experience

1.Software Architect :

Company Name and Location – December 20xx to Present


  • Software Engineer, Technical Lead, Technical Project Manager, Architect who has successfully designed developed and managed enterprise software applications.
  • More skilled in Microsoft .NET Technologies – ASP.Net Core, WEB API, ASP.Net, C#, Visual Basic .Net, ADO.NET, .Net Framework, XML, XSL, SOA, WCF, WPF, ASP.NET MVC 3.0, Entity framework, SQL Server, Linq, AutoFac, Elmah, Glimpse, Auto Mapper etc.
  • Strong knowledge in Microservices, Spring boot, Java 8, Junit, Mockito, Open Api, Spring Cloud, Flyway, Swagger .
  • Very strong in AWS Services – API Gateway, AWS Lambda, Cloud Watch, AWS API, KMS, ECR, ECS, Authentication etc.
  • Extensive experience in developing EAI using EDI, BizTalk.
  • As well as Proficient in Microservice design, OOD, SOA, Web Development, Mobile App development & Database Architecture

2.Software Architect or Tech Lead :

Company Name and Location – April 20xx to 20xx


  • First of all core services with Microservice approach using Spring-boot, Java 8, Docker, Spring cloud, Junit, Mockito, Wire mocks, zipkin, etc.
  • Technology used is MVC, Entity framework, mysql, WCF, AutoFac, Elmah, Glimpse, AutoMapper, Jquery, Kendo UI, Bootstrap etc.
  • Like that Design and developed a Pricebook system for PaloAltoNetworks that helps to create, edit, clone, authorize and publish skus. The Skus created goes through an approval workflow from various departments and are published to SAP, SFDC, Quoter and licensing Systems. Technology used is MVC, Entity framework, mysql, Kendo Grid, Handsontable, Jquery, Windows service, WCF service etc.
  • Another important Design and developed health insurance application (QNXT) using ASP.NET, C#, Ajax, Web service, BizTalk (QNXT Connect) and SQL Server to maintain members, providers and to process health insurance claims. Use HIPPA Accelerator to process incoming X12 documents.
  • Finally, develop a logistics application using ASP.Net, c#, web service and SQL Server. Components are deployed in com+ server. Web services expose the methods of the component.And also the presentation tier communicates with the Web services with a business facade layer. Components talk to SQL Server and OpenXML is used for Bulk Insert.

3.Software Architect/ Team Lead

Company Name and Location – January 20xx to December 20xx


  • Design and developed an ASP.NET web application using C# to generate PDF for assessments. Pdf Generator uses ASP.NET MVC, Jquery, Ajax, Windows Service, COM and SQL Server.
  • Likewise, Managed LMS (Moodle) 2U project by identifying systems development needs. Participated in technical design reviews and contributed to development, project estimates, scheduling, test plans, and code reviews..
  • Design and developed a Android application to help student takes assessment.
  • Develop a content management site using dotCMS (Java). Designed and developed web analytics using Omniture to track page visits, campaigns, order tracking etc. Used Omniture API’s to fetch and show most viewed report.
Education Details
Course (Stream)/ Examination
Year of Passing
PG College Name, Location 20xx 85%

College Name, Location

20xx 80%
HSC School Name-Location



  1. Android
  2. core
  3. Php
  4. Docker
  5. Java
  6. mvc
  7. Aws
Technical Skills
  1. Frame Work : .NET 3.5.
  2. Data base work in SQL Server, DB2.
  3. Known Computer Languages : C, C++,HTML, JAVA,C# and VB.NET.
  4. Technologies : Winforms and Web services.
  1. Established an IT team to support regional operations.
  2. Troubleshooting the issues and finding defects
Projects Completed
  1. Online Advnture/Check out My Trip/Online Tourism
  2. Automated Reformatory
  3. Corporate based credential cluster
  4. E2M Conference

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