Java Resume

Java Developer Sample Resume

E-mail Id: [email protected]
Contact No: 020********


My stated objective and focused approach is to work in an organization where I can acquire knowledge, fully utilizes my skills and get global work exposure.

Technical Skill

  • Language: C, C++, Java.
  • Databases: MS-Access, PostgreSQL.
  • Operating System: MS DOS, Windows (9x, 2000, XP, 7), Linux.
  • VOIP Products: SIP soft switch, Jain-Sip, RTP, RADIUS, IVR, VXML and MSCML.


  • Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 5 Programmer [SCJP].
  • Mainframe certification [XXXX, Bangalore].
  • Computer Hardware Service Engineering [XXXXX ACADEMY].

Professional Experience

  • Working as Developer in xxxxxxx (xxxx tech), Since February – 2011.
  • Worked as Engineer R & D in xxxxxx Technologies, June – 2008 to January – 2011.

Project Description

1. Conference Bridge
  • The objective of Conference Bridge to enable participants to communicate each other via audio, this Conference Bridge supports only audio.
  • IPMS (IP Media Server) are responsible for audio media mixing and playing IVR to participants.
  • This Conference Bridge is available in two variant, Time based and Non time based.
  • Number of participants depends on license port available in IPMS minus two; these two ports are reserved ports.
  • In time based conference, whenever a user wants to join the conference he / she dials the conference bridge number, conference bridge will ask conference-id and check the conference –id given by the participant, if it is valid conference-id then conference bridge will ask for pin number and validates the pin number.
  • And checks whether participant tries to join the before start time or after end time in that case conference bridge will send 480 temporarily is not available.
  • If he or she call in time and if the participant is the first person to join the conference, conference bridge will play a welcome prompt, followed by another prompt to inform “ you are the first person to join the conference”, for remaining participants conference bridge players welcome prompt followed by a prompt asking the participant to record the name.
  • Participant record’s name and press’s termination character, Conference Bridge now play the name to the entire participant’s in the conference.
  • When End time reached, a conference bridge plays an end time prompt and closes the conference call.
Technical Description:
  • Jain-Sip (API for implementing Sip in java).
  • MSCML (For interaction between Conference Bridge and IPMS).
  • Java (Language used for implementing Conference Bridge).
  • RFC 3261, RFC 4722, RFC 4566.
2. Presence Server
  • A presence server is a physical entity that can act as either a presence agent or as a proxy server for SUBSCRIBE requests.
  • When acting as a Presence Agent, it is aware of the presence information of the presented through some protocol means.
  • When acting as a proxy, the SUBSCRIBE requests are proxies to another entity that may act as a Present Agent.
  • When a subscriber, wishes to learn about presence information from user, it creates a SUBSCRIBE request.
  • This request identifies the desired presentity in the Request-URI, using a SIP URI, SIPS URI or a presence URI.
  • When the presence server receives a subscribe request.
  • Presence Server has to authenticate the user first, if authentication fails the presence server sends 407 Authentication Required.
  • If authentication is successful presence server has to send 200 OK.
  • Once response is successfully sent, Presence server has to send Immediate Notify.
  • When the Subscription is pending then Subscription state header must be pending and the Status tag in PIDF must be offline.
  • Otherwise the Subscription state header and Status tag in notify must reflect the current status of the presentity.
  • Whenever there is change in status of presentity its corresponding watcher(s) must be notified about the new status.
Technical Description:
  • Jain-Sip (API for implementing Sip in java).
  • Java (Language used for implementing Presence Server).
  • RFC 3261, RFC 3856, RFC 4566.
3. VOIP Related Products
  • Worked on developing, optimizing and adding features to various VoIP components like SIP based SoftSwitch, MediaProxy, IVR, SIP Call Server, Internal Radius Server.
  • Some of the features include.
  • Optimized SIP Registration of IVR service numbers through multiple contacts in single SIP Register message.
  • Implemented P-Asserted Identity header for Sip Proxy.
  • Changes to the Radius interface of the softswitch to improve performance.
  • Calculation of various QoS based statistics through analyzing RTP and RTCP Streams.
  • Fixed various race conditions and other issues in failover (both periodic state replication failover and event-based replication failover) of SIP-SoftSwitch and RTPProxy.
  • Enhanced performance for IVR by implementing service specific registration.

Educational Qualification

Discipline: Computer Applications
College: XXXXXXX Institute of Management and Technology
Year of Graduation: 2007
Percentage: 69.81%
Discipline: Computer Science
College: XXXXXXXX Arts and Science College, XXXXXXXX.
Year of Graduation: 2004
Percentage: 51.5%

Discipline: State board
College: Government Boys Higher Secondary school, XXXXXXX.
Year of Graduation: 2001
Percentage: 53.58%

Discipline: State board
College: Government Boys Higher Secondary school, XXXXXX.
Year of Graduation: 1999
Percentage: 70%

Personal Details

  • DOB:29/1/1989
  • Linguistic Abilities: English , Spanish, Chinesh .
  • Permanent Address: XXXX


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