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Resume for Elementary Teachers

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Dedicated to Creating a Positive Learning Environment and Making a Difference in Students’ Lives.


  • Dedicated elementary teacher with comprehensive background providing quality instruction and fostering a positive learning environment.
  • A highly energetic and enthusiastic individual, specialising in Mathematics & Science.


1. xxxxxxxx High School, Florida.2007-Till Date

  • Primary incharge and High School Math Teacher.
  • To form the class-groups.
  • To take part in general planning of the school activities: strategic planning, action plan.
  • To plan his/her own work: instrument panel, class visits, departments meeting, etc.
  • Weekly timetables of classes and teachers.
  • Calendar of teachers’ visits in different classes.
  • To coordinate and ensure the follow-up of planned pedagogic activities.
  • To coordinate various departments.
  • To make a follow-up of teaching and learning activities.
  • To control regularly required teaching documents.
  • To follow closely the elaboration of students’ report forms.
  • To watch over teachers and students punctuality.
  • To lead teachers’ meetings and to submit a report of it.
  • To learn about the teachers’ needs in teaching material, to analyze them, and to submit these needs to the direction for their acquisition.
  • To advise teachers, students, and parents for a better achievement of pedagogic objectives.
  • To act, when necessary, as a mediator in different pedagogic questions.
  • Between students and teachers.
  • Between teachers and parents.
  • Between students, teachers, and various institutions intervening in education.
  • To carry out a critical analysis of students’ results and to take adequate strategies.
  • To take part in teacher’s individual evaluation.
  • To replace the Head Teacher in his/her functions in case of absence or prevention.
  • To participate in guidance and counseling process.
  • Corrected assignments and provided reports to each teacher on the grades achieved by each class.
  • Co-ordinated presentations and demonstrations as part of the teaching curriculum.

2. XXXXXXX High School, Georgia,2004-2007 Physics & Chemistry Teacher for Higher School.


  • MBA (Finance), 2012
  • M.Sc.(Mathematics),June 2007
  • B.Sc.(M.E.Cs.),June 2004
  • Class Xll,March 2001
  • Class X, March 1999

Technical Skills

  • Accounting Package (Tally,Focus,Wings) From NIT.
  • Well acquainted with MS Excel, Power point and word.


  • Dancing.
  • Playing Caroms,
  • Chess
  • Reading
  • English Script Writing

Personal Profile

  • Date of Birth : 19/09/1989
  • Languages known : English , Spanish , German .
  • Address: xxxxxxx

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