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Resume For Retired Person Sample

Name: Abigail
E-mail: [email protected]
Cell No.: 2025XXXX


  • 39 years of progressive experience, working in Vendor Development and Quality Assurance of both Textile Machinery and Auto parts manufacturing industries helped to expertise in developing multiple products and resolving issues efficiently.
  • Highly accomplished team player and good problem solving ability and efficient turnaround in conformance to top level management expectations.
  • Hands on experience in developing castings for various Textile Machinery parts Ring spinning machines and Various Automobile parts like Cylinder Blocks, Cylinder Heads etc. in Indian Foundries.
  • Exposure to various manufacturing processes of both high and low volume parts
  • Good working knowledge on various manufacturing processes and Implementation of Supplier Quality Assurance Systems.
  • High level recognition received from Top Management for initiating Cost and Time saving measure by various KAIZEN activities.
  • Good working knowledge of computers.

Work Experience Summary

  1. Worked in XXXXXXXXX, as “Head Quality”. Also served as a Head-Vendor Development and grown up in the organization from Sept96 and due for retirement on14th February,2012.
  2. Worked in XXXXXXX, Chennai ,as “Senior Inspector” from Oct73 ~ Aug96.
  3. Worked as a Draughtsman in XXXXXXXX from Jul72 ~ Aug.73.

Training Attended

Job Description :
  • Traveled to Japan for Migrating the process of Quality Assurance and Inspection system relating to textile machinery parts in the year 1998.
  • Traveled to Japan to understand the foundry practices followed in various foundries in Japan for developing high volume small castings of Automobile Transmission parts in the year 2005.
  • Developed all casting parts for “Ring Spinning machine” at various Indian foundries.
  • Development of various machining vendors, Die casting parts, Cold drawn parts for “Ring Spinning machine”.
  • Currently Heading the Quality Assurance department of both Textile and Auto parts division.
  • Implementing Quality mechanism and Quality systems at In-house and at vendor’s place to improve part quality.
  • Development of Inspection Procedures for In-house, Vendor parts and finished goods.
  • Establishing process at Vendor’s place and eliminate rejections.
  • Development and training of associates in Quality.
  • Monitoring Vendor performance through “Vendor Rating system” and assist them in improving their performance.
  • Handling of Customer complaints and implementing necessary countermeasures.
Achievements :
  • Succeeded in establishing Quality, Cost & Delivery of newly developed parts.
  • Successful implementation of Quality Systems for In-house and Vendor supplied parts.
  • Cost reduction and process improvement through successful implementation of “KAIZEN” ideas.
From Oct.’73 ~ Aug.’96 – M/s. xxxxxxxx & Co. Ltd .
  • Worked as Senior Inspector in Inward inspection.
  • Well versed with all metrology measuring instruments and shop floor instruments.
  • Worked in the shop floor inspection for than 5 years and well versed in the inspection of Casting parts, Forging parts and machined parts.
  • Assist in development of castings for Cylinder Block, Cylinder Head and Other automobile parts in Indian foundries.
  • Process approval and Implementation of Quality System in a new project of “Cylinder Block” & “Cylinder head” machining at vendor’s place.
  • Approval of various machine tools for new project – Cylinder block and Cylinder head machining line.
  • Conducting process capability studies at manufacturer’s place and at In house after installation – M/s. xxxxxx Warner and M/s. xxxxxx machine tool division.
  • Handled Cylinder block machining project at M/s xxxxxxxxxx Engineering , Belgaum.


  • Successfully implemented Quality systems at vendor’s place for supplying defect free components for a new project
  • Conducted Process capability studies for approval of machine tools to be used for new Cylinder block and Cylinder head machining line at Vendor’s place and also at In-house after installation.


  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering – xxxxx Polytechnic – xxxxxxx.

Areas of Expertise

Solution & System Implementation :
  • Business Parameter Definition, Functional Testing, User Acceptance Testing and Implementation
  • Banking operations – Financial & Retail Banking
Technical Support Operations :
  • Online support, troubleshooting and data upload and ensuring the smooth operations from the
    bank’s perspective of all ‘In-house’ developed applications.
Training & Mentoring :
  • Training Bank staff while implementation of in-house developed applications and basic computer fundamentals to Bank staff.
  • On-site Training, post migration Support and knowledge sessions for branches on modules of CBS (FINACLE).
Customer Relationship Management :
  • Ensuring high quality services, resulting in customer delight and optimum resource utilization for maximum service quality.
  • Ensuring maximum customer satisfaction by closely interacting with Internal Customers to understand their requirements and provide the product/services accordingly.
Future Plans :
  • Was away from my family for the last 16 years and want to Take up a new Assignment in xxx.

Personal Details

  • Date Of Birth :23/11/1966
  • Languages known: French , English , German .
  • Address: XXXX.

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