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Chennai, Tamil Nadu
[email protected]


A well-rounded individual with a strong commitment and self-motivated person with proven analytical, communication, creative and interpersonal skills. Aiming at attaining a position of responsibility that will allow making decisions & exerting significant influence on major issues in the field of expertise.


LabourNet Services India Private Limited – Chennai, Tamil Nadu July 2016 to Present

  • Main Incoming Breaker 3200A Air Circuit Breaker which used in ON & OFF.

AR PROPERTY SERVICES -Chennai, Tamil Nadu – March 2012 to Present

TNEB Incoming 11KVA High voltage handling with properly and Transformer and breakers maintain. 2000KVA Transformer 11000V/415 Step down Three Phase with Neutral supply and conservation tank, silica celli, Bukaz relay, Air cooling wing, Tap changing gear, maintain.

1.Ammeter, selector switch controller:

  • XLPE CU Cable
  • Out going supply connected to the Singerniceng Panel and Volt meter, Ammeter, selector switch controller.

Incoming breaker:

  • D.G Incoming
  • 1600A Air Circuit Breaker with Neutral connected
  • Capacitor Panel for APFCR 650 KVAR capacitor bank Automatic power factor (0.99 to 1.00) pf maintain.
  • Chiller plant for 400Tr-2nos, with 20HP Primary Pump, 50HP Secondary Pump, Cooling fan-24nos, main breaker 1200A Operating work for properly.

50HP controller:

  • Chiller plant Secondary by VFD panel.
  • AHU Room for 7.5HP 5.5KW. 5.0HP 3.7KW motor used and properly handling with auto sensor control.

2.Load Breaker Switch
Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital – Chennai, Tamil Nadu

  • D.G 625KVA Daily A-Check up and B-Check up work followed and then Output supply Connected to the AMF Panel.
  • D.G 320, 250, 180, 100, 42.5KVA with connected for out going supply ACB Breaker.
  • 800 KVA HT Transformer maintain 11000V/415V Step down Three Phase with Neutral supply and conservation tank, silica celli, Bukaz relay, Air cooling wing, Tap changing gear, maintain.
  • E.B incoming 240Sqmm 4 Core cable RMG Unit Panel 630A VCB.
  • 1000A Air Circuit Breaker – 3nos in AMF Panel.

D.G Daily Report

  • Any work discos for in Department head and give the permission.
  • E.B bill and check details collected and payed work.
  • Daily Report update in the system work and every day report mail sending to the my project head department work.
  • Electrical, plumbing, carpentry, A/C technicians compliant register book entry and then immediately attend the work process.
  • Painting vendor, telephone vendor, lorry water purchase work follow up.

Period of study: 2008 – 2010
Institution: St, Michael’s Polytechnic College Avadi, CH – 62
Marks in Percentage: 85%

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