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Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Email: [email protected]


Intend to hold a challenging position in an esteemed organization with a good working environment, where I can use my technical as well as problem solving skills, which bring growth to the concern and satisfaction to the customer


Oerlikon Balzer coating India private limited – Chennai, Tamil Nadu – May 2013 to Present

Key Result Areas:

  • Developing the tool geometry of drills, end mills, form tools etc. according to the application requirement
  • Monitoring the technical operations of the cutting tool regrinding and providing reliable processes and procedures for production activities
  • Productivity improvement through automation or semi automation approaches in the process
  • Conducting trials on reground cutting tools and monitoring the tool life to meet customer requirements
  • Optimization of process parameters to reduce machining time and improve machine efficiency
  • Making weekly and monthly production report


  • Programmed and fixture developed for 50 L/D (Ø8.02 single flute and double point angle) gun drill and proved to the increased tool life than the original tool
  • SE drill point recommended for upgrade the drilling operation in tough steel material for fastest federate and longest tool life Moulded drill inserts reground for their original shape and dimensions exceeded no. of re-grinding and reduced the cost per component
  • Titanium Nitride coating recommended for drilling alloyed steel to avoid crater wear on Ø5.2 drill and 0.2×35°
    chamfer provided for multiple the strength of the point For precision machining like 0.005mm face taper (flatness) end mill (Ø16 4flute) reground and achieved surface finish of 0.1 Ra.
  • High degrees of accuracy maintained in form tool, dimension tolerance 0.01mm, angle ± 00°15′ and total form length 0.503mm including a chamfer length of 0.127×45°
  • Developed 14 new potential customers last year


  1. Cnc program Anca Fast Grind
  2. Profile Projector
  3. Surface Coating
  4. Edge preparation

Brakes India Limited – Chennai, Tamil Nadu – February 2004 to April 2013

Key Result Areas:

  • Meeting production target by eliminating gaps
  • Involving with technical module to conduct trials and give feedback
  • Participate in the implementation of new technologies and its training
  • Ensuring zero defect
  • Cost saving
  • Effective capacity utilization
  • Adapt to systems and procedures
  • Rejection analysis and elimination


  • Uni booster, Tractor housing, Master cylinder, Input rod, Adaptor, Wheel cylinder etc. were proved in cnc machines.
  • Macro program implemented for several applications (to avoid accidents & missing operations, power cut macro etc..,)
  • Bore non clearance defect eliminated in reaming cell by fixture development.


  1. Cnc programming FANUC up to 21i Series
  2. Geometrical Dimension and Tolerance
  3. Statistical Process Control
  4. Total Productive Maintenance
  • CNC programing
  • Cnc machining (9 years)
  • Cutting tool application
  • Cutting tool recondition
  • Process improvement
  • Problem solving in metal cutting method (4 years)

Personal Details:

Languages: English & Tamil
Salary: Negotiable
Address: No 83, Sri Bharathi nagar,Vellanoor, Avadi,Chennai 600062.

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