Ruby - Install Windows

Ruby - Install Windows

1.Go to downloads and download the file - Ruby 2.2.4, a stabilized version. There are two versions available here, one is for 32 bit windows operating system and the other one is for 64 bit.

2. Select the destination place to install Ruby. From the setup dialog:

  • Select the option for Tcl / Tk support.
  • Select the option to add path variables.  This helps the user to avoid setting path variables manually.
  • Select the options to accept both .rb and .rbw file extensions for ruby files.

3. Ruby installation process starts setting up the file prerequisites and location.

4. Setup completed and files required for ruby has been installed successfully.

5. Type “interact” in start windows -> run prompt, Select the installed program “Interactive Ruby”.

6. Ruby files are installed as specified with the installer under C:\Ruby22 folder.