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2 Ways to Utilize Data Centre Support Services

Around the world, business communities are leveraging colocation data centre services as a critical part of their corporate structure. Many organizations have also started shifting to remote management of their data centres, also known as lights out facility. Support services are the backbone of such facilities.  Data centre support services that are available on-demand 24*7 as per predefined service-level agreements (SLAs) keep mission critical operations running round the clock.

Data centre support services
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A skilled support team is required on site 24*7 who monitors the lifecycle strategies of its infrastructure to deliver a comprehensive range of services like an emergency call-out. It helps boost process efficacy and improve uptime.

Here’s how you can effectively utilize data centre support services:

  • Remote Hands Technician

Remote hands technicians serve as extended members of the in-house data centre support team to help deliver the highest performance as per requirements. They help you manage data centre equipment without having to be physically present at the facility. This assistance is available as per request that you can easily schedule in advance. On-demand technical support team monitors and troubleshoots irregularities as and when they occur and fix them efficiently. They can also arrange for your site visit when deemed necessary by invoking the SLA agreement on your behalf.

  • 24*7 Data Centre Support Service

24*7 data centre support service is crucial for technical issues as well as monitoring infrastructure through video surveillance. Apart from this, advanced data centres provide 24*7 multilayer physical security at every facility for securing your business’s critical IT infrastructure. Since support services are available round the clock, you can get a rapid response from technicians available on the site.

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Benefits of Data Centre Support Services

  • Data centre support services are available 24*7 round the clock throughout the year
  • Remote hands support induces quick response time for any problems, which further helps in continuous business operations
  • Uninterrupted delivery helps ensure business continuity
  • Experts available on site for instant solutions

Support services are essential for a business to run operations smoothly. With customer care at heart, data centre support service providers should understand your business requirements at length. They must be able to deliver appropriate services from an extensive catalogue of support resources to help you speed up performance and growth.

Enable Business Continuity with Better Support Services

An ongoing support service collaboration can be valuable to a company that requires infrastructure space, which allows them to focus on driving business strategies. Top data centre colocation providers offer reliable support service solutions to their customers for enabling business continuity.

Leading amongst reliable data centre providers is STT GDC India with a presence in multiple locations across the country. It offers best-in-class data centre support services with on-demand technical support to assist you round the clock. It has a 5-layer physical security system with a combination of 24*7 surveillance and secure access to make sure your IT infrastructure is safe.

STT GDC India’s remote hand service has the highest standard of on-site technicians to support you as an extended member. The 24*7 technical support and monitoring for your infrastructure only enhance the security to ensure mission-critical functions are always up and running.

You can enjoy on-demand technician support delivered as per your needs via phone, email or their customer portal based on predetermined service-lever agreement (SLAs) terms and response times.

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Besides, STT GDC India offers data centre colocation solutions across the country through its 16 state-of-the-art facilities. With a customer-centric approach, their strength lies in meeting the ever-changing demands of the dynamic Indian marketplace.

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