Advance Tips to Get Secure From Hacking

Advance Tips to Get Secure From Hacking - Hacking - The advance and the best tricks and tips 2017 to protect from all the hacking attacks.

Advance Tips to Get Secure From Hacking – The advance and the best tricks and tips 2017 to protect from all the hacking attacks from the attackers to steal your data by the hackers.


In movies or TV series where hackers are involved, we may have seen them apply their computer knowledge in order to perform certain hacker tricks that saved the day. Swordfish”, hackers have been able to promote themselves to the level of heroes with only a keyboard and a mouse. However, hackers attacks and hacker prevention is more trouble, and difficult, in real life. Hollywood has a tendency to oversimplify things so the general public can understand them. People does not have sufficient knowledge to perform this type of demonstrations After all, only a small percentage of the population only do this. So, if you want to prevent hacking, you should learn some basics about hacking.


The first most common technique used technique used by hackers is scanning. Hackers have created tools that scan computers for weak part. It can be an OS that hasn’t been upgraded or a port in the computer that it is open without the knowledge of the user. Hackers use this “open window” to get inside your computer in order to do whatever they want to do. The interesting thing about this is that these hacker tools are available for free in the Internet. So, with a couple of hours of instructions, almost every computer user can become a hacker. Another way that hackers can access your machine is through malware: programs designed to capture vital information from your computer, like login users and passwords. Malware could be hidden in a PowerPoint presentation sent by email or even in an innocent Instant Messenger message window.

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Hackers are always looking for a way to get into computers of other persons. It can be something as simple as phishing confidential information (like credit card or bank account numbers) to complex hacking routines that use your computer as a repository for illegal content (like music or movies with copyright). Unfortunately there is no magical software to prevent hackers; and it will never exist. It doesn’t matter how much money or resources you invest in designing the perfect system, someone will find the way to crack it. Even the biggest government agencies like NASA, CIA and NSA have been victims of hackers. And the same thing happens in the private sector with companies like Citigroup or Wal-Mart. EFFECTIVE WAYS TO STOP HACKERS So,

What can you do to protect your tiny machine from hacker tricks? Fortunately, there are some measures that we can take, and it doesn’t require us to be a Neo or Hugh Jackman’s character from the movie “Swordfish”. These hacker protection tips are simple and effective and will defined you from most of the attacks.


The first thing to do in computer hacking prevention is to assure yourself that all your software is up to date; especially your operating system and your web browser. Why? Because they are the two things that hackers will try to attack first if they want to get into your computer.


The second thing that you need to do is to install a firewall. As a matter of fact internet firewall hacker protection has become so necessary that Microsoft now ships it for free as part of their Windows XP operating system. It took them some years to admit it, but the truth is that their software was an easy target for the hackers and crackers that lurked through the World Wide Web. In case you don’t want to use Windows XP firewall, there are many alternatives in the market. Companies like Symantec and Zone Labs have produced software firewalls for some time and have become a necessity for all the computers of corporate America. If you don’t know which one you want to buy, use the trial periods. Usually you can use the firewall for 15 to 30 days; that amount of time is more than enough to make your decision. The next step in security is to have an antivirus installed. There are free versions like AVG antivirus, or pay per year licenses, like Norton Antivirus (also from Symantec). As in the case of firewalls, there are many varieties available in the market; use the trial periods for choosing wisely.


Finally, there is the anti-spyware program. As if viruses were not enough, companies from around the world decided to create programs that could pick up data from your computer in order to acquire information for their databases. It may not be as dangerous as a virus, but it is an intrusion to your privacy. Wipe them out with this piece of software. Nowadays hacker prevention has become a task for all of us. No longer is it the responsibility of the system administrator of our company. After all, he can install all the security of the world in the company’s network, but if you let a virus in because of your carelessness, he won’t be able to stop it. The same goes for your computer at home. You are the only one responsible for it. Remember that new hacker tricks appear as each day goes by, so you need to be prepared.

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