[ Solved -3 Answers] How can we get files with numeric names using ls command

How can we get files with numeric names using ls command -this is not very optimal, as find searches only filters out desired

In linux command line, how can we list down only numeric(only names with 0 to 9) file names in the current directory?

This is a follow-on question to How can we get the list of process ids on the system in linux command prompt?, where we’ve run ls on /proc/.  now trying to exclude everything except the process ID directories.

  • Using ls piped to grep -E (extended grep with additional regexp capabilities) to search for all filenames with only numeric characters:
bash code
ls | grep -E '^[0-9]+$'

  • It has a regex option (-regex), so [0-9]* will match file names consisting solely out of digits.
  • To find only files (-type f) recursively below the current directory (.) use
bash code
find . -type f -regex ".*/[0-9]*“

The .*/ in the regex is necessary, because regex “is a match on the whole path, not a search.” (man find). So if you want to find only files in the current dir, use \./ instead:

bash code
find . -type f -regex "\./[0-9]*“
  • However, this is not very optimal, as find searches recursively also in this case and only filters out the desired results afterwards.

  • If you’re wanting to use ls, you could use:
bash code
  ls *[[:digit:]]*
  • The * splat operator will match any [[:digit:]]. You could also use:
bash code
ls *[0-9]*
  • Which also matches file or directory with a digit 0-9.
  • If you have subdirectories that match the glob pattern, you can use the -d switch to make ls not recurse into them.
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