How to Factory Reset Mac Which is Ready for Resale

Performing a factory reset of your mac is simply one of the steps to take to both troubleshoot and fasten an difficulty you are having

Performing a factory reset of your mac is simply one of the steps to take to both troubleshoot and fasten an difficulty you are having or to put together your mac for resale. No matter which cause you have got for resetting your macbook or computing device mac those commands will have you ever included.

Depending on the cause you wish to carry out a manufacturing facility reset, you can now not need to follow each idea in this manual.

Factory reset your mac for troubleshooting functions

To go back your mac to a known kingdom, which includes whilst you first took it out of the container and set it up, follow the stairs indexed here (you’ll locate certain commands below):

  • Backing up your antique mac
  • Take away all statistics from the mac’s inner drives
  • Reinstall a clean copy of the mac os

As soon as you’ve got completed the manufacturing unit reset for troubleshooting reason you ought to be confident your mac is now in a pristine nation similar to when you first obtained your mac. If troubles should persist it is in all likelihood an amazing indication of inner hardware or external peripheral related troubles.

Manufacturing facility reset your mac for resale

Getting your mac prepared for resale (or simply giving to a friend or member of the family) requires a few greater steps, however in any other case is essentially the identical system as resetting for troubleshooting, you just need to perform all of those steps:

  • Backing up your vintage mac
  • Migrating your non-public statistics in your new mac
  • Deactivate certain debts
  • Eliminating any vestiges of your personal records
  • Preparing the mac for a brand new proprietor by means of putting in a easy reproduction of the mac os

As soon as all the steps are complete, you could promote your mac understanding the client will get hold of a nicely-seasoned mac with a new, pristine running gadget installed, prepared to revel in simply as you did whilst you first sold it.

You’ll also be confident that each one of your data is long past from the mac, never to be visible again.

Start with what you need

Usually, in our how-to articles, we include a listing of gadgets you may maximum in all likelihood want to perform a undertaking. In this case, the listing is going to be fashionable in nature; relying on the version of the mac you are selling, you could no longer want some thing extra than an internet connection to prepare your mac for resale or recycling.

  • An external backup power in case you’re going to absolutely lower back up the mac you are putting up for sale.
  • A network connection, or the ability to mount the external force containing the backup you made to your new mac. Either technique will work for migrating your records to the new mac.
  • A web connection, mainly for downloading and putting in a clean reproduction of the mac os, however additionally for deactivating debts that can be tied to the vintage mac. This includes itunes, icloud, messages, and social media bills, inclusive of twitter or fb; you get the concept.
  • If you’re connecting via wi-fi, you may want your wireless password all through the reinstall of the mac os. Do not worry although; the wi-fi password is handiest wanted at some stage in the down load of the mac os.
  • More than one hours of your time. Happily, you won’t want to be gift for the whole time as the backup, migration, and device set up can be commenced and left to run on its own for the maximum component.
  • Unique media (cd/dvds) and manuals that came with the mac you are promoting. Those may not be required for a a success sale, but they can be icing at the cake to attract a customer.
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Back up the vintage mac

Your vintage mac is possibly to be chock complete of private facts, files, projects, favourite apps, games; the list goes on, and it’s unlikely you need to simply do away with all of this records whilst you erase the force.

That’s why one of the first steps to take is to lower back up your mac’s records.

I propose creating a just like the mac’s startup power, as well as a identical to any extra inner drives your mac may have. You could use disk software to create a bootable clone, though i opt for the usage of both superduper or carbon copy cloner for growing my bootable clones.

Growing a bootable clone lets in you to effortlessly get right of entry to the cloned drive by means of connecting it in your mac; a startup force also can be used as the source for the mac’s migration assistant need to you desire to transport facts to a brand new mac.

Don’t forget about which you need to lower back up any inner extent for your mac, now not simply the startup force.

When you have more than one power, or when you have partitioned your inner force into multiple volumes, every and each quantity desires to be backed up or cloned.

Migrate information on your new mac

Your new mac comes with a migration assistant as a way to mechanically run at some point of the setup manner. The migration assistant can switch records from your old mac as lengthy because it’s nevertheless related on your neighborhood network.

You can also choose emigrate statistics using a recent time gadget backup, or from a startup force (inclusive of the clone you created inside the steps above) that’s connected on your new mac.

Regardless of which technique you decide to use, you can discover the following courses helpful in transferring data on your new mac.

  • Your manual to the mac os migration assistant
  • Mac to mac switch – move your vital mac information

Signal out and deactivate bills tied to the mac

Once you have got the backup in vicinity, it’s time to start eliminating ties your favourite apps and services may additionally need to your old mac. This may encompass deauthorizing your mac from playing track and motion pictures in itunes, disassociating the old mac from icloud, in addition to de-licensing your mac from 0.33-birthday party apps that license the app to a specific mac. This may include products such as adobe creative suite, as well as maximum subscription-based applications you’ll be the use of.

  • Signal out of itunes: release itunes, and then pick out debts, authorization, deauthorize this computer. Input your apple identity password whilst asked, after which click on the deauthorize button.
  • Signal out of icloud: before signing out of icloud, you can need to make copies of any essential statistics you are storing in icloud. This is mostly a precautionary step, because the facts in the cloud ought to still be present whilst you signal back into your icloud account together with your new mac.
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Pay unique interest to backing up contacts and calendar information, because the procedure is not simply evident. Also, in case you’re storing your favorite snap shots in icloud, make sure you have got a local replica.

While you’re ready to sign out of icloud, do the following:

  1. Release machine choices, both by clicking its dock icon or deciding on system alternatives from the apple menu.
  2. Pick the icloud preference pane.
  3. In the list of icloud services, ensure locate my mac and again to my mac are unchecked.
  4. Click the sign out button in the icloud preference pane.

Signal out of messages

  1. Launch the messages app, after which choose possibilities from the messages menu.
  2. Select the bills tab. For every account listed in the sidebar, click the signal out button.

Depended on device in -factor authentication:

In case you’re the use of two-issue authentication along with your apple identity, you may also need to get rid of your old mac from the list of relied on devices.

  1. Launch your internet browser and go to: https://appleid.Apple.Com/
  2. Log in with your apple identification.
  3. Inside the security section, test whether or not you’ve enabled -element authentication. In case you see a link labeled get began, then -thing authentication hasn’t been grew to become on, and you do not want to do some thing. In any other case, you will see a list of trusted gadgets. Make sure to dispose of your old mac from the depended on devices listing.

Note: This is not the same as the listing of gadgets you’re currently signed in with.

Third party apps:
Many third party apps use a licensing system this is tied on your mac. In general, this type of license wishes to be deactivated so that you can re-prompt the license in your new mac.

Many apps area the licensing controls inside the app’s choice machine, or inside the assist menu. Test each location for statistics on the way to deactivate your mac. In case you need assistance, contact the app developer.

Dispose of all facts from the mac’s internal drives

Warning: the subsequent steps will completely erase the records on the internal power(s) of your antique mac. Do now not continue if you haven’t sponsored up the records.

To erase the internal drives and all associated volumes, we are going to utilize disk utility to erase and layout the drives. Because the technique entails erasing the startup power, you will need to use the restoration hd partition to carry out the venture.

When you begin this manner, there may be no turning returned, so this is your final hazard to make sure you have got all of your wished records on a backup or clone.

  1. Restart your mac.
  2. In case you’re the usage of a stressed keyboard, you can at once keep down the command and r keys until you notice the apple logo. As an alternative, you may restart at the same time as retaining down the choice key. Whilst you see the listing of to be had drives to begin up from, pick out the recuperation hd power.
  3. If you’re using a wi-fi keyboard, the method is sort of equal. The difference is you need to wait till you pay attention the startup chimes before protecting down the command and r keys, or, rather, maintaining down the choice key.
  4. Your mac will boot the usage of the healing hd partition this is hidden on the startup drive. As soon as booting is entire, you may see the macos utilities window (in older versions of the os, this window is called os x utilities).
  5. Click on the disk utility item inside the window.
  6. Disk utility will release. Once the app’s window opens, you may comply with the commands in either:
  • Layout a mac’s force the usage of disk software (os x el capitan or later)
  • Erase or format your mac’s drives the usage of disk utility
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A word approximately safety while erasing your mac’s drives:

Disk application’s erase process includes safety alternatives that assist you to select multi-skip erase alternatives that can make it nearly impossible to get better any data from the force. The security options can be used for any tough drive you are erasing, with the handiest downside being the quantity of time the comfortable erase will take (hours, or even a day for large disks).

You have to now not, however, use relaxed erase alternatives for an ssd, as the multi-pass facts write used in the cozy erase system can lead to early failure of an ssd.

As soon as you’ve got finished the erase method, you’re equipped to reinstall the mac os.

Reinstall a clean copy of the mac os

You should nevertheless be booted into the recovery hd extent and feature the macos utilities window open. If no longer, repeat the manner outlined above to restart into the recovery hd volume.

In the recuperation hd utilities window, pick reinstall macos (or reinstall os x, relying at the model of the running gadget you’re the use of), and then click the retain button.

The mac os installer window will appear. The real method for putting in the running device differs slightly, depending on the model of the mac os you’re installing. You may discover running system-unique deploy courses in the following articles:

  • How to carry out a smooth install of macos sierra
  • Carry out a clean set up of os x el capitan in your mac
  • Perform a clean set up of os x yosemite on your mac
  • How to carry out a smooth install of os x mavericks

While the above courses are useful for the installation procedure, the reinstall process as done the usage of the recuperation hd system is pretty truthful, and you may get by simply following the on-screen commands.

Crucial tip: do not complete the installation process! Rather, when your mac restarts, shows the welcome screen, and asks you to pick out a rustic or region, genuinely press command + q for your keyboard (it is the command key and the q key, pressed on the equal time). This could cause your mac to shut down.

This is vital due to the fact when you give your old mac to its new proprietors and they start it up, the mac will automatically launch the setup assistant, precisely as it did when you first introduced your new mac home and started it up all those years ago.

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