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How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to A Fitbit watch?

The only way you’ll control and hear music from your smartwatch is by making the utilization of the wireless audio gears. In simple terms, we’d like Bluetooth headphones to be ready to hear pre-saved tracks and playlists. Now, some people face the matter when trying to attach or pair their Bluetooth enabled audio devices with their Fitbit watches. Often, those that are new using smartwatches may find it confusing.

In this guide, we’ve covered various topics during this regard. we’ll discuss connecting Bluetooth headphones to a Fitbit smartwatch. Also, we’ve put abreast of the way to change the Bluetooth audio devices and take away any Bluetooth Audio devices already connected to the Fitbit wearable.



How to Pair Bluetooth Headphones with A Fitbit watch

The guide is fairly straight that any layman can understand. So, albeit you’re not tech-savvy, you’ll make understand the guide tolerably .

  • Switch on the Bluetooth on your Bluetooth audio devices [headsets, speakers, etc.]
  • Now on your Fitbit watch, attend the Settings. thereunder attend Bluetooth
  • Next, tap on + Audio Device option. Now, your watch will start to look for nearby active Bluetooth devices.
  • Once the watch detects any nearby active Bluetooth devices, on the display of the smartwatch you’ll be ready to see that.
  • Simply tap on the Bluetooth device you would like to attach to.

How to Change Bluetooth Audio Device Connected to the Fitbit watch.?

Let’s assume that you simply have multiple Bluetooth audio devices like Bluetooth headphones or speakers, earbuds, etc. just in case for a few reason you’re not satisfied together with your sonic experience from the currently connected device, you’ll still pair and use the opposite ones you’ve got . this is often the way to roll in the hay .

  • Go to the Settings > Bluetooth option on your Fitbit watch
  • Make sure that Bluetooth accessibility and visibility has been switched on the
  • Using the guide within the previous section attempt to pair and save a replacement device
  • While pairing when the Bluetooth device shows up, tap thereon to connect/save.
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Is it Possible to get rid of a Bluetooth Device Already Connected to the Fitbit Wearable.?

It’s easy to get rid of any pre-saved Bluetooth headphones, speakers or the other wireless audio device from your Fitbit smartwatch. Sometimes you’ll need to reconnect from scratch or just you only don’t wish to use a concerned Bluetooth audio device.

  • Go to the Bluetooth under Settings in your Fitbit smartwatch
  • You should see the list of pre-saved Bluetooth devices.
  • Select the one you would like to get rid of by tapping thereon .
  • Then select Remove then tap on Yes to verify the action.

That’s it. This was all about connecting and removing Bluetooth headphones and speakers with a Fitbit smartwatch. We hope you found this one informative. Do inspect our other guides also .