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How to Fix Fitbit Watch not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Fitbit Versa 2

We all know at some point in time, the Wi-Fi connection doesn’t work as intended on our devices. This stands true for various gadgets including the smartwatches. during this guide, we’ll mention the way to Fix Fitbit Watch not Connecting to a Wi-Fi network. There could also be various reasons for why this error happens.

It’s not necessary that everybody will face an equivalent issue at an equivalent time. this type of situation may occur if the firmware unrolled to the general public is causing some quite fault within the network. Otherwise, there could also be a problem with the hardware also . lately gadgets are made using compact hardware. So, we might not rule out an opportunity thereon ground. Anyways, during this post, we’ll discuss various possible reasons on why the network issues happen and the way we will fix them up.

How to Fix Fitbit Watch not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Now, we’ll inspect one-by-one various possible things which will cause this error to happen.

Is your SmartWatch Running the newest Firmware Version.?

One of the foremost common issues which are OEM oriented has a buggy firmware. The user has no fault for this but he should take care enough to update the smartwatch firmware whenever it’s unrolled for the general public . So, check if your Fitbit watch is running within the latest firmware. If not, search for the update on your smartphone connected to the device.

Then after upgrading the firmware, attempt to hook up with any available WIFi network. i think it should Fix Fitbit Watch WiFi connection issue.

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Check your Network Service Provider

If the web or WiFi isn’t connecting to your Fitbit watch, then attempt to connect other devices thereon network. This you’ve got to try to to so as to see if the network is faulty by default. If the network is disruptive from the provider’s end, then for every device you are trying to attach you won’t get any network or be ready to found out a connection.

The possible solution is to contact your service provider and tell them to repair the network.

No Range

It is a universal condition that needs the smartwatch to be in discoverable home in order to pair or found out a connection to any stable network. So, while trying to make a reference to any network over WiFi confirm your watch is during a discoverable range. Disconnect/Unpair then retry connecting.

Check for the battery level of your Fitbit Wearable

Remember that your Fitbit watch features a battery level but 25% then it won’t be ready to hook up with any WiFi network. It doesn’t matter if the network is stable. If the juice on the smartwatch is low, then no network connection are going to be possible.

If this is often the difficulty , then first recharge your Fitbit watch. Then attempt to connect it to a network. this may fix the difficulty of Fitbit Watch not connecting to any WiFi network.

Restart Your Smartwatch

Simply restart your Fitbit smartwatch. Then pair it and check out to attach to the available networks. Then check it’ll Fix Fitbit Watch not connecting over WiFi.

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You can do this step with the above step also . Either you’ll unpair then restart your device. otherwise you can simply unpair the smartwatch from your smartphone. Then without having to restart, just pair it up once more . Then attempt to hook up with a close-by WiFi network. that ought to fix the difficulty .

So, these were a couple of tips about the way to Fix Fitbit Watch not connecting to a lively WiFi network. Try them out if you’re facing the problems .