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How to Write a Winning Product Description on Amazon

People have been writing product descriptions since the beginning of e-commerce. However, composing a successful product description on Amazon is a different thing entirely. You have to comply with Amazon’s structure and rules while writing a product description on this platform. Additionally, you need to specifically target your target audience found in Amazon, and optimize the listing for maximum conversions. Finally, your product description should be designed to help your listing to rank on Amazon, which is critical if you want to be successful as an Amazon seller.

Follow the below tips to create high-quality, winning product descriptions that are guaranteed to result in high sales on Amazon.

Know Your Customer

As in any business endeavour, first, you have to know who your potential customer is. Your product description should be aligned to their background, age-range, requirements, wishes, and even dreams, not to mention their complaints about similar products. One challenge with writing product descriptions in e-commerce is that you’re writing for someone that you can’t speak to face-to-face. This means you need to get to know your customer in other ways, such as market research, social media, your customer reviews, and reviews on competitor websites.

Know the Amazon Algorithm

Amazon uses what is known as the A9 algorithm to rank products listed on the platform. The two primary criteria the algorithm looks for in a product are the ‘Click to Sales’ (CTS) ratio and ‘Sales Page Content.’ CTS is simply the number of clicks on your product on the Amazon Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) that get converted to actual sales. The more conversions, the higher the CTS value. For the other main factor, page content is fundamentally evaluated based on the SEO keywords and key phrases it contains.

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Based on both these criteria, the product’s rank moves up or down in the search results. Amazon SEO is critical for the success of your product listing, because few Amazon shoppers look past the first page of results. Ranking highly in the results is therefore essential if you want to encourage traffic to your listing, and thus grow your sales and profits. If you are not an SEO expert yourself, it is a good idea to work with an SEO consultant who will be up to do with the latest when it comes to Amazon SEO in 2021.

Optimize the Title

The title of an Amazon listing is what first catches the customer’s attention. It is also one of the main elements that Amazon looks at when ranking your product. Hence, it is essential that you pay close attention to the titles of your listings.

Try to include as much critical information about the product as possible in the title so that it matches your customers’ searches and also conveys relevant product information in a single glance. Be sure to include the most relevant keywords in the title. Use numerals instead of words for numbers (for example, use ‘5’ instead of ‘five’) and capitalize the first letters of each word in the title.

List Features as Bullet Points

A prospective customer may not spend a lot of time looking at your listing, when they have so many alternative products available to them. You have to make the most of these few brief moments. Therefore, you should list all key features of the product briefly and succinctly in the bullet points section, allowing the buyer to get as much information as possible when quickly skimming this section.

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Include words that spell out the vital features, so that you are successful in conveying the crucial information as the reader goes from one bullet point to another. Avoid fluff, or overused and boring terms. Make it lively by using energetic words and exclamation marks throughout. Again, don’t forget to include as many keywords as possible.

Capture your Customer’s Attention

If you are successful in capturing your customer’s attention with a catchy title and engage them using your well-written bullet point descriptions, they will move on to the listing’s more detailed description. This is the section that decides whether the customer will buy your product or not. Make sure to be more descriptive about the features you had briefly mentioned in the bullet points. This section should answer all questions that might have popped up in the customer’s mind after reading the bullet descriptions. You should also use catchy and informative images that clearly show the product’s features.

Ideally, you should not leave the customer with any queries after they’ve finished reading the description. If the customer has any lingering question and doubts, they could move on to another page with better information. When you write your product review, be sure to give more information about how the features address the customer’s issues and troubles. Any product that solves buyers’ problems automatically encourages more conversions.


A winning Amazon product description is one that ranks highly in search results, engages the customer, communicates relevant information well, builds confidence in your product, and helps them to make an easy buying decision. A well-written product description could be the difference between success and failure in the hyper-competitive Amazon marketplace.

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