5G does not cause Coronavirus

No, 5G Does Not Cause Coronavirus

COVID-19, better known as the Coronavirus, is a respiratory disease spread to over 100 countries and has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). But if you spend more than five minutes online, find someone shouting that 5G is the real cause of people’s illnesses. Simply put, these claims are factually false.

What is 5G, and Can It Cause a Virus?

5G represents the fifth-generation of the wireless telecom technology that smartphones and other devices use for communication and connecting to the internet. As with 4G LTE, 3G, and everything before it, the wireless network is transmitted over radio waves, a non-harmful part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Most claims you will read online stems from the fact that radio waves are technically radiation. Although that word tends to be viewed as negative, not all radiation is bad. As radio is non-ionizing and does not excite electrons and knock them out of orbit, 5G can’t cause DNA damage, cause cancer, or develop Corona virus. Every study that claims otherwise has been proven false and inaccurate.

What Are the 5G Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories?

A5G and other new technologies aren’t new. Unfortunately, people don’t seem to remember that others online made the same claims about Wi-Fi, 4G, and other radio waves as they are now about 5G.

Look no further than most Facebook comment threads like the one pictured below.find many that include claims that they found information online that “proves” that the respiratory illness that many with Coronavirus are suffering from is caused by being around 5G.

Note: We have not linked any of the posts that include the false claims made in the below images want to help spread the fake messages that are being used to scare people.

The theories that involve multiple maps that claim to show a correlation between 5G development and the rise of Corona virus cases are the easiest to disprove.

In the example below, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and others decided to deploy 5G in major cities with large populations. Doing so allows the carriers to reach as many customers as possible before moving to the countryside where the community is more spread out.

What else do major cities have? International airports and larger populations per square mile. The Corona virus started overseas and made its way stateside because of travelers that were previously infected. Once the virus is in the city, it is very easy to transmit it to others throughout the area accidentally.

And, finally, we have this claim that was shared thousands of times on Facebook and other social media platforms. The Corona virus started in China because it was the first to build over 100,000 5G towers.

First, yes, China has built over 100,000 5G towers. Even if this magic number had something to do with the spread of the symptoms felt by thousands of people, there’s currently no proof that the country was the first to reach 100,000.

Second, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have contributed money towards the research of the Corona virus in the hopes of finding treatments and possibly a vaccine. Where this person is getting their information about Gates developing the virus or the outlandish claim that the vaccine will include microchips is a mystery to all.

Finally, claiming that the thousands of people who have already died from the Corona virus are all actors should be a serious moral-code violation for anyone that considers sharing this type of false information.

What You Can Do to Help Combat Misinformation

Report the posts to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever other platforms you see these types of dangerous messages on. The continued spread of false and harmful information could lead to people not taking proper health precautions, not believing their doctors if they do contract the Corona virus, and much more.

5G Isn’t Making You Sick

Corona virus is a virus. There is no questioning that. Doctors and scientists around the world have been researching the disease since its first appearance on the global stage and are hurriedly looking for treatments and to help stop its spread. Any claim that 5G cause the health issues being reported are all false and ultimately harmful in themselves.

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