How To Overview The Kdenlive Video Editor For Linux

After growing a video with vokoscreen you may desire to edit the video with kdenlive to feature titles or snip bits that don't match

Whilst experimenting with the concept of creating linux tutorial and evaluation movies.

More than one weeks in the past i introduced you to vokoscreen which may be used to create screencast motion pictures.

After growing a video with vokoscreen you may desire to edit the video with kdenlive to feature titles or snip bits that don’t match or to add a track overlay.

In this guide, i’m going to expose you the primary functions of kdenlive so that all of you budding youtubers can upload the completing touches on your movies.

Before i start i want to feature that i have best simply dabbled with the idea of making movies and consequently i’m no expert on the subject.

There may be a dedicated approximately.Com channel for making movies however.


Generally, you’ll use kdenlive on a distribution that runs the kde desktop surroundings but you don’t have to.

To put in kdenlive the use of kubuntu or a debian based totally distribution use either the built in graphical software centre, the synaptic bundle supervisor or from the command line use apt-get as follows:

Apt-get set up kdenlive

If you are the use of an rpm based totally distribution along with fedora or centos you can use yum extender or from the terminal the yum command as follows:

Yum install kdenlive

If you are using opensuse you can use yast or you can kind the subsequent into the terminal window:

Zypper set up kdenlive

In the end, in case you are the usage of an arch-primarily based distribution which includes arch or manjaro kind the following into the terminal window:

Pacman -s kdenlive

If you receive a permissions errors even as running these instructions then you’ll need to elevate your permissions the use of the sudo command.

The consumer interface

There’s a display shot of the principle interface at the pinnacle of this evaluation manual.

A menu seems on the top with a toolbar beneath.

The left panel is in which you load all the clips you desire to apply as a part of your undertaking.

Beneath the left panel is a listing of video tracks and an audio song, these can be customised and i can show you ways quickly.

Inside the middle of the screen is a tabbed interface wherein you could upload transitions, results and regulate video properties.

Finally, inside the top proper nook there may be a clip display which lets you view the video.

Growing a new venture

You could create a new venture by using clicking on the new icon at the toolbar or via selecting “report” and “new” from the menu.

The brand new assignment houses window will seem with the following three tabs:

  • Settings
  • Metadata
  • Undertaking documents
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The putting tab helps you to choose wherein your very last video can be stored, the sort of video and the body charge. You can at this factor also pick what number of video tracks you’ll use and how many audio tracks you want to feature.

There is a massive listing of video types to choose from and lots of them in hd format. The hassle with hd layout video is that it makes use of a whole lot of processor energy.

To useful resource you with that you may choose to apply proxy clips which helps you to create the video and strive it out inside the editor the use of a lower decision video however while growing the final release the total video layout is used.

Click on here to learn more about proxy motion pictures.

The metadata tab presentations statistics about your venture including the identify, creator, creation date and so forth.

Finally, the mission files tab lets you pick out to delete unused clips, put off proxy clips and clean the cache and is used greater when opening a report than developing a new one.

Adding movies to the project

To feature a clip to the venture proper click on in the left panel and pick out “add clip”. You may now navigate to the vicinity of a video clip that you desire to edit on your laptop.

If you haven’t any videos you can constantly down load some using the youtube-dl software program and create a mash-up video.

When you have brought videos to the panel you may drag them onto one of the video timelines.

Including a coloration clip

You would possibly want to feature a coloration clip to the mission to indicate the give up of the video or to indicate a trade in collection.

To achieve this right click on the left panel and pick “upload color clip”.

You could now choose the colour for the clip from a preset listing or pick a custom colour using the coloration grid.

You could also set how long the clip will run.

To add the coloration clip to your video timeline drag and drop it into function. In case you overlap movies in order that they are on specific timelines however occupy the equal term then the video on the pinnacle takes precedence over the one beneath.

Add slideshow clips

When you have taken masses of vacation snaps and you want to create a slideshow video with you speakme over the top then proper click on at the left panel and pick out “upload slideshow clip”.

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You could now select the report kind and the folder in which the images are located.

You may additionally set how lengthy each image within the folder is displayed for and upload a transition impact to the subsequent slide.

Incorporate this with a pleasing soundtrack and you can replay the ones holiday reminiscences or that 1/3 cousin two times removed’s wedding which you went to in 2004.

Add a title clip

The maximum apparent motive to apply kdenlive to edit your video is to add a identify.

To add a name clip proper click on the left panel and pick out “add identify clip”.

A brand new editor display screen seems with a chequered show.

On the pinnacle is a toolbar and at the right a homes panel.

The primary thing you may likely need to do is fill the page with color or add a background photograph. When you have already used gimp to create a great photo then you would possibly choose to apply that alternatively.

The top toolbar has a ramification device for selecting and shifting items around. Subsequent to the choice device are icons for including textual content, choosing a heritage shade, selecting an photo, open an existing record and store.

To fill the page with colour pick out the background color icon. You may now select a colour for the history coloration and a border shade. You may additionally set the width of the border.

To honestly upload the color both enter a width and peak or drag across the page. Be careful it is very rudimentary and clean to get wrong.

To feature an photograph click the background picture icon and pick out the photograph you desire to apply from a folder. Again the device within reason fundamental so it is well worth getting the photograph to the right size earlier than uploading it into kdenlive.

To feature textual content use the text icon and click on the screen wherein you want the text to appear. You could modify the textual content size, colour, and font as well as specify the justification.

At the proper aspect of the screen, you could modify the duration the identify is displayed for.

You may add many gadgets to the name page. You may alter whether or not one appears on the pinnacle or backside of some other by adjusting the thing ratio.

When you have finished developing the title clip press the “adequate” button. You may store the name web page as nicely by using clicking the relevant icon. This enables you to apply the title web page again for other projects.

To add the name clip for your video drag it to the timeline.

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Previewing your video

You may preview any of the clips you’ve got loaded in before adding them to the timeline by using clicking them and pressing the play button on the “clip monitor” tab.

You can preview the video you’re modifying by using clicking on the “undertaking screen” tab and urgent the play button.

You could preview exclusive parts of the video via adjusting the placement of the black line at the timelines.

Reducing a video

In case you need to break up a protracted video into smaller segments so that you can rearrange them or do away with bits circulate the black timeline to the bit you want to reduce, proper click on and select “cut”. You may then drag the video bits to lead them to large or smaller.

If you want to delete a phase of a clip proper click and choose “delete selected item”.

Including transitions

You could switch from one clip to some other with excellent transition outcomes.

To add transitions you may either click on the transitions tab and drag the transition to the timeline or you could right click at the timeline and pick to feature the transition from there.

For the transition to work nicely the movies need to be on separate tracks and you may make the transition ultimate longer with the aid of dragging it to the proper.

Adding consequences
To feature effects click on the results tab and choose the impact you desire to use and drag it to the correct timeline.

As an instance, if you want to feature music over a information clip and cast off the voices from the news clip you may select to mute the sound.

Rendering the final video

To create the final video click on at the “render” toolbar icon.

You may now select in which to place the final video. For instance, you can select your tough power, a website, a dvd, media player and so forth.

You could also pick the video type which you want to export the video to, the video first-rate and the audio bitrate.

When you are ready click on “render to record”.

The job queue will now load and you will see the modern progress.

In addition to rendering the video you can pick out to generate a script. This allows you to render the video in the equal format again and again by way of choosing the script report from the scripts tab.


This has been a top level view guide to expose you what you could do with kdenlive.

For a full guide visit https://userbase.Kde.Org/kdenlive/manual.

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