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Remove a MySQL User on Linux via Command Line

Remove a MySQL User on Linux via Command Line


These directions are meant for removing a MySQL  user on Linux  via the instruction.

I’ll be performing from Liquid net Core Managed CentOS half dozen.5 server, and l’ll be logged in as root.

Login to MySQL:

First, we’ll login to the MySQL server from the instruction with the following command:

mysql -u root -p

In this case, I’ve nominative the user root with the -u flag, so used the -p flag so MySQL prompts for a word. Enter your current word to complete the login.

If you wish to vary your root (or any other) word within the info, then follow this tutorial on ever-changing a word for MySQL via the statement.

You should currently be at a MySQL prompt that appears terribly like this:


If you haven’t nonetheless created a MySQL user, please sit down with our tutorial on making a MySQL user.

View an inventory of MySQL Users

Viewing a full list of MySQL users, as well as the host they’re related to, is finished the following choose statement:

SELECT User,Host FROM mysql.user;

Remove a MySQL User

To remove a user from MySQL, we once more use the DROP command.

It solely takes one straightforward command to delete a user in MySQL, however BEWARE; dropping a user can’t be undone! The command is as follows:

DROP USER 'testuser'@'localhost';

If a user of the name testuser does not exist, then you’ll receive this error:

ERROR 1396 (HY000): Operation DROP USER failed for 'testuser'@'localhost'

Refer to the View a List of MySQL Users section above if you receive the above error, and double check the username and host.

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