How to Remove the Amazon Application from Ubuntu

When you have ubuntu installed in your device you may have observed that halfway down the launcher there may be an icon which whilst clicked


When you have ubuntu installed in your device you may have observed that halfway down the launcher there may be an icon which whilst clicked takes you to amazon’s internet site.

There is not anything inherently wrong with the icon and it does no actual damage and i am positive maximum people have used the amazon website at some point or another.

Amazon is but far extra incorporated into your ubuntu laptop than you might suppose.

In previous versions of ubuntu you’ll truely see hyperlinks to amazon merchandise while you looked for packages inside the unity dash.

As of ubuntu sixteen.04 most of the people of the amazon stuff has been disabled. This guide indicates the diverse strategies used to do away with amazon from ubuntu.

Thought 1 – uninstall solidarity-webapps-not unusual – no longer recommended
Amazon has been set up into the unity computing device as a part of a package called cohesion-webapps-commonplace.

You may in case you wanted to, open a terminal window and run the subsequent command:

Sudo apt-get get rid of harmony-webapps-commonplace

However do now not try this!!!

The solidarity-webapps-common is a metapackage containing masses of different programs. If you uninstall this application then you will lose different matters that you may need.

Alternatively pass on to answer 2 that’s sincerely my preferred option.

Notion 2 – eliminate the documents manually – notably endorsed
This website indicates the documents that make up the unity-webapps-commonplace package.

In essence the package seems to consist of three files which can be related to amazon:


The simplest choice consequently is to cast off those three documents.

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Open a terminal window and type within the following instructions:

  • Sudo rm /usr/proportion/applications/ubuntu-amazon-default.Desktop
  • Sudo rm /usr/proportion/cohesion-webapps/userscripts/harmony-webapps-amazon/amazon.User.Js
  • Sudo rm /usr/percentage/cohesion-webapps/userscripts/harmony-webapps-amazon/show up.Json

This is it. Task done.

In concept there could be stuff nonetheless lurking inside the harmony code someplace but from a person’s angle amazon is not established as an entity.

A way to prevent amazon coming back

At the same time as gaining knowledge of for further statistics for this manual any individual mentioned that whilst you improve ubuntu within the destiny the probability is that the amazon icon will all over again seem inside the launcher.

The cause for that is that the team spirit-webapps-commonplace package deal can be up to date or reinstalled and because the amazon documents are part of that package deal they will be mounted again.

I have seen one suggestion to divert the set up of the package in order that it never appears:

  • Sudo dpkg –divert /usr/share/applications/ubuntu-amazon-default.Computer.Diverted –local –rename /usr/percentage/packages/ubuntu-amazon-default.Computing device

This doesn’t stop the file from being established it simply renames it to have the extension diverted.

In my view my recommendation is to feature the unique commands to a script and when you improve run the script again or bookmark this page and copy and paste the instructions from solution 2 straight into the terminal.

To create a script open a terminal and run the subsequent command:

  • Nano removeamazon.Sh

Enter the subsequent instructions into the script:

  • Sudo rm /usr/share/applications/ubuntu-amazon-default.Desktop
  • Sudo rm /usr/share/cohesion-webapps/userscripts/harmony-webapps-amazon/amazon.Consumer.Js
  • Sudo rm /usr/percentage/unity-webapps/userscripts/cohesion-webapps-amazon/take place.Json

Keep the record through pressing ctrl and o at the same time after which exit the editor by way of urgent ctrl and x on the equal time.

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So that it will run the script you’ll want to alternate the permissions through walking the following command:

  • Chmod +x removeamazon.Sh

Now all you have to do when you improve ubuntu is open a terminal run the subsequent command:

  • ./removeamazon.Sh

Disable the amazon sprint plugin

There may be one greater thing left to do and that is to disable the amazon sprint plugin.

To try this press the exquisite key (the important thing with the windows icon on most keyboards) and the “a” key at the equal time. Instead click on the icon at the top of the launcher and then click the “packages” icon at the bottom of the screen.

You need to see an icon for the amazon sprint plugin. Proper click on the icon and click on “disable”. If you can not see the amazon dash plugin look at the line which reads “dash plugins” and click the “see more outcomes” link.


Preferably there might be a single command to take away the amazon stuff or certainly it would not be hooked up automatically in the first place.

The above hints are the fine on offer at this second in time and they in the long run get rid of amazon from ubuntu.

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