[solved – 5 Answers] Set the table column width constant regardless of the amount of text in its cells

  • In my table set the width of the first cell in a column to be 100px.
  • However, when the text in one of the cell in this column is too long, the width of the column becomes more than 100px. How could you disable this expansion?

  • You need to set the cell width (either th or td worked, I set both) AND set the table-layout to fixed. For some reason, the cell width seems to only stay fixed if the table width is set, too (i think that’s irrelevant but whatever). Also useful is setting the overflow property to hidden.
  • You should make sure to leave all of the bordering and sizing for CSS.
  • The following solution of above problem.
table column width code
	<th>header 1</th> 
	<th>header 234567895678657</th> 
	<td>data asdfasdfasdfasdfasdf</td> 
	<td>data 2</td> 

table column width code
	border: 1px solid black; 
	table-layout: fixed; 
	width: 200px; 
th, td { 
	border: 1px solid black; 
	width: 100px; 

You just add <div> tag inside <td> or<th> define width inside<div>This will works fine.


table column code

<td><div style="width: 50px" >...............</div></td> 

If you need one ore more fixed-width columns while other columns should resize, try setting both min-width and max-width to the same value.

table column code
Here is the correct code:

Set the td width:
<td width="200" height="50"><!--Contents here--></td>

Set the td width with CSS:
<td style="width:200px; height:50px;">

Set the width again as max and min with CSS:
<td style="max-width:200px; min-width:200px; max-height:50px; min-height:50px; width:20

To achieve this solution is easy, you may need put the CSS values in a class in your style-sheet:

css code
.td_size { 
	**overflow:hidden;** /*(Optional)This might be useful for some 		overflow contents*/ 


table style html code
<td class="td_size">

Place the class attribute to any <td> you want.

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You need to write this inside the corresponding CSS.

table style html code
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