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Online meetings are only nearly as good because the software they’re conducted in, but with numerous options within the market, it’s going to be difficult to understand which is best for you. Here are four of the simplest meeting tools available — and always remember that if you’re unsure between a couple of programs, you’ll and will invite a free trial.

Adobe Connect Pro

Adobe may be a well-known company that has brought us Photoshop, an industry-standard photo, and image editing application. Connect Pro is one among Adobe’s lesser-known products, but it’s a solid choice when it involves online meetings.

It is not for the novice, however. Though it’s a gorgeous interface, it are often difficult to use thanks to its sizable amount of features and therefore the incontrovertible fact that it takes a short time to actually get to understand them.

Users can create polls, access meetings from an iPhone or iPod Touch, video conference, and simply share a spread of media. In fact, this is often one among the foremost feature-rich tools available. for instance , it allows multiple meeting rooms, which may be branded differently but share content. additionally , this software is beneficial for larger meetings, because it can accommodate up to 200 people.

Adobe doesn’t publish the worth for its Connect Pro edition, which may vary counting on the licensing model chosen.

Go To Meeting

Now a part of Log Me In, Go To Meeting is a web meeting program specifically useful for little companies. It supports meetings of up to fifteen people and allows for meeting recording, screen sharing, and chatting between participants. In its corporate version, meetings can have up to 25 people.

Go To Meeting is intuitive and very easy to use, so it takes little time to urge to understand the program’s capabilities and features. One downside is that before a gathering can start, attendees got to download a client in order that they will access all of the software’s features. this will take a touch of your time , delaying the meeting if attendees aren’t prepared beforehand .

Skype for Business

Microsoft acquired Skype and discontinued its own web conference software, Microsoft Office Live Meeting. Skype for Business is its business-focused meeting software. Skype is probably one among the best-known online meeting tools. Its functionality spans from basic meetings all the thanks to web conferences and even online learning sessions. Unlike GoToMeeting, for instance , joining a gathering is quick and straightforward .

The software is connected with Microsoft’s suite of office software, Office 365, and supports meetings of up to 250 users. While the software does cater to small companies, it shines as a company tool, since its more advanced features require a fanatical server (and the expensive licensing that comes with it).

WebEx Meeting Center

WebEx is that the umbrella name given to Cisco Systems’ large array of online meeting tools that serve small meetings to large conferences. Meeting Center may be a popular a part of this range of products and holds collaborative performing at its core.

What sets this tool aside from its competitors is that the ability for hosts and participants to stay meeting-related content on their screens simultaneously, and to resize or move it around as desired.

The tool is additionally integrated with Outlook, so starting a gathering or sending invitations directly from the program is straightforward . it’s a comparatively easy-to-use tool, although it does require some training for users to form the foremost of its functionality.

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