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  • We can use Node.js in database applications. Here we use MySQL as a database with Node.js.

Install MySQL on your computer

  • Once the MySQL is installed and running, you can access it by using Node.js.

Install MySQL Driver

  • You have to install MySQL driver to access a MySQL database with Node.js.
  • Download MySQl module from npm.
  • To download and install the "mysql" module, open the Command Terminal and execute the following:
  • npm install mysql
 npm install mysql

Learn Node js - node js Tutorial - npm install mysql - node - Node js Examples

Create Connection

  • Create a folder named "DBexample". In that folder create a js file named "connection.js" having the following code:


var mysql = require('mysql');  
var con = mysql.createConnection({  
host: "localhost",  
user: "wikitechy",  
password: "wikitechy12345"  
con.connect(function(err) {  
if (err) throw err;  

 node-js mysql create connection

Learn Node js - node js Tutorial - node-js mysql create connection - node - Node js Examples

  • Now open the command terminal and use the following command: Node connection.js


 nodejs node connection

Learn Node js - node js Tutorial - nodejs node connection - node - Node js Examples

  • Now Node.js is connected with MySQL.

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