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What is Node.js Process?

  • The process object is a global that provides information about, and control over, the current Node.js process.
  • Node.js provides the facility to get process information such as process id, architecture, platform, version, release, uptime, upu usage etc.
  • It can also be used to kill process, set uid, set groups, unmask etc.
  • The process is a global object, an instance of EventEmitter, can be accessed from anywhere.

Learn Node js - node js Tutorial - nodejs process model - node - Node js Examples

Node.js Process Properties

  • A list of commonly used Node.js process properties are given below.
archreturns process architecture: 'arm', 'ia32', or 'x64'
argsreturns commands line arguments as an array
envreturns user environment
pidreturns process id of the process
platformreturns platform of the process: 'darwin', 'freebsd', 'linux', 'sunos' or 'win32'
releasereturns the metadata for the current node release
versionreturns the node version and its dependencies

Node.js Process Properties Example

  • Let's see the simple process example to print architecture, pid, platform and version of the process.
  • Node JS Tutorial File: process_example1.js


console.log(`Process Architecture: ${process.arch}`);  
console.log(`Process PID: ${}`);  
console.log(`Process Platform: ${process.platform}`);  
console.log(`Process Version: ${process.version}`);  
  • Open Node.js command prompt and run the following code:

node process_example1.js


Learn Node js - node js Tutorial - nodejs-process-example1 - node - Node js Examples

  • Let's see another process example to print command line arguments.
  • Here node is considered as the first argument, filename is considered as the second argument and actual command line arguments are considered as third, fourth, fifth and so on.
  • Node JS Tutorial File: process_example2.js


process.argv.forEach((value, index, array) => {  
  console.log(`${index}: ${value}`);  
  • Open Node.js command prompt and run the following code:

node process_example2.js


Learn Node js - node js Tutorial - nodejs-process-example2 - node - Node js Examples

  • A list of commonly used Node.js process functions are given below.
cwd()returns path of current working directory
hrtime()returns the current high-resolution real time in a [seconds, nanoseconds] array
memoryUsage()returns an object having information of memory usage.
process.kill(pid[, signal])is used to kill the given pid.
uptime()returns the Node.js process uptime in seconds.

Node.js Process Functions Example

  • Let's see the process example to print current working directory and uptime of the process.
  • Node JS Tutorial File: process_example3.js


console.log(`Current directory: ${process.cwd()}`);  
console.log(`Uptime: ${process.uptime()}`);  
  • Open Node.js command prompt and run the following code:

node process_example3.js


Learn Node js - node js Tutorial - nodejs-process-example3 - node - Node js Examples

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