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  • Let’s see more basics on node.js and step by step node.js tutorial and it’s REPL commands

REPL command :

  • A Read-Eval-Print Loop (REPL) – is a
    • simple,
    • interactive,
    • programming environment
    • which is accessed via command prompt or through node.js window that is available as part of the installable.
  • When the user enters one and more commands, the REPL window evaluates them and displays results instantly.

There are 4 components to a REPL :

A read function :

  • to accepts data from the user and parse it into a data structure in memory.

An eval function :

  • to take the data and evaluate on them.

A print function :

  • to produce the result.

A loop function :

  • to repeat the above three commands until termination.
  • On entering the command “node” in the command prompt, the character “>” is displayed.
 nodejs command node

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  • Its task is exactly same as that of Chrome’s REPL.
  • Here JavaScript commands can be entered and executed as it is the finest tool to debug JavaScript code in an efficient way.

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