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What is REPL features?

  • REPL stands for Read Eval Print Loop and it represents a computer environment like a Windows console or Unix/Linux shell where a command is entered and the system responds with an output in an interactive mode. Node.js or Node comes bundled with a REPL environment.

Press Ctrl+C :

  • Terminates the current command’s execution.

Press Ctrl + C two times :

  • Returns back the control from REPL to the normal command prompt.

Press Ctrl+D :

  • Exit the REPL window.

Pressing up and down arrow keys :

  • Helps to navigate across command history and choose previous commands. This enables to avoid typing the commands again and again.

Press tab key :

  • If you type a single character and then followed by tab it will Displays a list of current commands, functions, and variables starting with that specific character as shown below:
 nodejs command window

Learn Nodejs - Nodejs tutorial - nodejs command window - Nodejs examples - Nodejs programs

  1. The REPL can handle multiline expression such as (1 + 2) * (3 + 4)The REPL provides a special variable _ (underscore) to fetch the result of the last expression as shown below:
 nodejs repl expressions

Learn Nodejs - Nodejs tutorial - nodejs repl expressions - Nodejs examples - Nodejs programs

  1. Addition operation is happening and the result is given on giving x+y and press enter keyword. The result is displayed as 12.
  2. Now enter underscore ( _ ) and press enter key, it shows the previous manipulated result, that is 12.

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