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What is String Decoder in node.js?

  • The Node.js StringDecoder is used to decode buffer into string.
  • It is similar to buffer.toString() but provides extra support to UTF.
  • You need to use require('string_decoder') to use StringDecoder module.


const StringDecoder = require('string_decoder').StringDecoder;  

Node.js StringDecoder Methods

  • StringDecoder class has two methods only.
Method Description
decoder.write(buffer) It is used to return the decoded string.
decoder.end() It is used to return trailing bytes, if any left in the buffer.
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Node.js StringDecoder Example

  • Let's see a simple example of Node.js StringDecoder.
const StringDecoder = require('string_decoder').StringDecoder;  
const decoder = new StringDecoder('utf8');  
const buf1 = new Buffer('this is a test');  
console.log(decoder.write(buf1));//prints: this is a test  
const buf2 = new Buffer('7468697320697320612074c3a97374', 'hex');  
console.log(decoder.write(buf2));//prints: this is a test  
const buf3 = Buffer.from([0x62,0x75,0x66,0x66,0x65,0x72]);  
console.log(decoder.write(buf3));//prints: buffer  


 Nodejs Stringdecoder Example

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