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  • In SQL Server, the ISNULL( ) function is used to replace NULL value with another value.
  • ISNULL( ) function is available in both SQL Server and MySQL even though they are different.
  • For example, if we have the following table,

Table Wikitechy_Sales_Data

Store_Name Sales
Store A 300
Store B NULL
  • The following SQL,
SELECT SUM (ISNULL(Sales,100)) FROM Wikitechy_Sales_Data;
  • Returns the following result:
SUM (ISNULL(Sales,100))	
  • This is because NULL has been replaced by 100 via the ISNULL function, so the total becomes 300 + 100 = 400.
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  • In MySQL, the ISNULL( ) function is used to test whether an expression is NULL.
  • If the expression is NULL, this function returns 1.
  • Otherwise, this function returns 0.
  • For example,
  • ISNULL(3*3) returns 0
  • ISNULL(3/0) returns 1

SQL isnull VS is not null

SQL  isnull is not null

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