[Solved-5 Solutions] Unable to access the IIS metabase

Error Description :

    • After installing Visual Studio 2012 and opening the solution we get a series of errors in this form:

    The Web Application Project Foo is configured to use IIS. Unable to access the IIS metabase. You do not have sufficient privilege to access IIS web sites on your machine.

    Solution 1:

    On Windows 8 Pro:

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    On Windows 7 and 8.1 and 10

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    • (Where %systemroot% is usually C:\Windows)
    • Navigate to the appropriate location above in Windows Explorer. We will be blocked access with a popup which says:

    "You don't have access to this folder - Click continue to permanently get access to this folder"

    • Click 'continue' for this folder, and with the Export folder underneath. We need to change the shortcut back to "Run as me" (a member of the domain and local administrators ) and we will be able to open and deploy the solution.

    Solution 2:

    Start Visual Studio with ‘Run as Administrator’. We can do this by right clicking the shortcut and selecting ‘Run as Administrator’.

    Solution 3:

    • The solution is to go into Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Turn Windows Features on or off... inside that, we have to select Internet Information Services -> Web Management Tools -> IIS 6 Management Compatibility -> IIS Metabase and IIS 6 configuration compatibility.

    Solution 4:

    • We can solve this problem by turning off the IIS and .Net Framework features within Windows 7 and then turning them back on. This re-installation is what fixes our issue.

    Solution 5:

    • On a windows 8.1, from an admin command prompt, use:
    icacls "C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\config" /t /grant "IIS AppPool\DefaultAppPool":(R)
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    • Then go back in VS, right click on the failed project, choose Reload.

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