[Solved-3 Solutions] XmlSerializer - There was an error reflecting type

Error Description:

    • Using C# .NET 2.0, we have a composite data class that does have the [Serializable] attribute on it. When we create an XMLSerializer class and pass that into the constructor:
    XmlSerializer serializer = new XmlSerializer(typeof(DataClass));
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    • We get this exemption saying:

    There was an error reflecting type.

    Solution 1:

    • Look at the inner exception that you are getting. It will tell which field/property it is having trouble serializing.
    • We can exclude fields/properties from xml serialization by decorating them with the [XmlIgnore]attribute.

    Solution 2:

    • Serialized classes must have default (i.e. parameter less) constructors. If we have no constructor at all, that's fine; but if we have a constructor with a parameter, we'll need to add the default one too.

    Solution 3:

    • All the objects in the serialization graph have to be serializable.
    • Since XMLSerializer is a black box, check these links if you want to debug further into the serialization process.

    Changing where XmlSerializer Outputs Temporary Assemblies HOW TO: Debug into a .NET XmlSerializer Generated Assembly

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